Domestic affairs, or how to clean the kettle from scale

In our apartments to drink water from the tap without first filtering or boiling is not recommended.If you do not want to spend money on a filter, you have to spend money at the expense of deposits.

This is true only for those places where the water is "hard", iethere are many dissolved minerals.Basically it is the cities that use wells for water production.

If your new kettle was covered with nasty white layer in a week, you should take steps to reduce the hardness of the water in your tap.The best way is to buy a good filter that softens the water.And change it every 3-6 months.Then the scale is much smaller and have less to clean the kettle.As soon as the scale builds up, it is better to change the filter.So the water is clean, and delicious tea.

But what if there was a kettle already thick as tortoise shell, the crust?How to clean the kettle from scale so thick?In fact, nothing is difficult and terrible here.The main thing is to remember what material you tea.Plastic pots tolerate acid cleanin

g, but not with alkali.Metal kettles can survive and that, and another, but the rubber gasket level meter of water can take you and start to leak.And strong substances can damage the heating element of the kettle.Soda best way to clean a non-electric kettle.

descaling the kettle in the cellar.To the question: "how to wash kettle from scale?" - I have a few answers.

lists possible ways:

Mechanical.This method is suitable for a thin layer (only just formed).Take a good brush, sypem soda or mild washing up liquid and tea draim to shine.Unfortunately, if the old and the scum layer is almost welded to the walls of the kettle, this method will not help you.

chemical method.It is divided into two sub-items:
Shoplifting chemistry - these are the tools that you can easily buy in the department of household chemicals.Recommendations, which means better, do not expect from me.Solutions for Dummies I do not use.But guest co-workers and friends have some very cheap and good facilities.

Home chemistry.The main difference is that the products are used commonly occurring.For cleaning can be used as acid and alkali.I prefer acid.

recipe for how to clean the kettle descaling with citric acid:

  1. 15 grams (or one tablespoon) of citric acid to pour into the kettle, filled to the 1 liter mark.
  2. Boil it.
  3. Pour water and then rinse it.
  4. Fill with fresh water and boil again.
  5. Drain.Still, tea is ready.
  6. If the scale has not disappeared, the procedure should be repeated.

Acetic acid:

  1. Make a solution of acetic acid at the rate of one part of vinegar 3-5% in three parts of water.The concentration of the acid can be varied depending on the scale layer.
  2. Boil the solution.Let stand 10-20 mine.Heat again.
  3. Pour water and then rinse the kettle.
  4. Fill with fresh water and boil again.
  5. Drain.Still, tea is ready.

with a solution of baking soda is better not to wash the electric kettle and the usual:

  1. soda solution of 5-10 grams per liter poured into the kettle.
  2. Once the foam begins to boil, remove from heat.
  3. Leave to stand for half an hour.
  4. Pour water and then rinse the kettle.
  5. Fill with fresh water and boil again.
  6. Pour water.

For best effect after boiling (2 point) teapot better let stand for about half an hour, then rinse the (4-5 point).

physical method.Or how to clean kettle from scale in a few minutes at the risk of the kettle.Since scum is a coating, it may chip itself during heating.I do not recommend this method, it is too radical and dangerous.In the case of an electric kettle can ruin not only tea, but also the wiring.Just turn it on without water for a few seconds, and scale will begin to break away.But the best way to use the chemical.

I hope my article has helped you find an answer to the question of how to clean the kettle from scale.