The kitchen is in the Japanese style, its design

Kitchen Japanese style is gaining popularity with each passing day.This kind of design is excellent for small-sized room, because the lighting, furniture and colors expand a room.But to draw the Japanese interior quite hard, there are many nuances that must be considered when designing.

This type style includes natural light, natural materials, a minimum number of parts of the interior.When the design of the main thing to take into account the simplicity and functionality.Kitchen interior in Japanese style implies a presence of all household appliances and necessities.Add to all this the room is not difficult, but you need to make to mean as little as possible of things.The best option would be to remove all equipment and utensils in a closed cabinet.

also highlight the need to pay a lot of attention.With the help of mirrors can visually enlarge the kitchen, but it is important to properly install lighting.Clean the cabinets items help give the room an open and airy feel.The light should be soft an

d diffused in each zone separately.In general, the light in the room should be a lot.Even if the room gets enough light from the street, natural light should be supplemented by artificial.Lighting is best to install a abazhurnoy grid.

for kitchen design should be used only natural materials such as glass, clay, sisal, straw, jute, wood or bamboo and rice paper, silk and linen fabrics.The use of artificial materials is unacceptable.

Kitchen furniture must be chosen compact and neat.Heavy, bulky items of furniture, especially made of dark wood, will not create the desired effect.They filled the room with their size, and the whole look will be flawed.Japanese-style kitchen should be spacious and airy, there is nothing to reduced space.

now about the colors.To create a Japanese style natural fit and bright colors.The ideal solution would be milk, brown, beige and sand colors.Do not use too bright and causes the tone.You can add a bit of green and red for emphasis.

Kitchen design in the Japanese style will help create a sleek and distinctive decor.Decorate the room can be different scrolls, engravings, ikebana and porcelain figurines.Good ceramics will look, fresh flowers in the Japanese style - Bonsai.Most importantly, do not overdo it.Everything should be the measure.Decor should be evenly distributed throughout the kitchen.

Kitchen Japanese style should get a cozy, comfortable and functional.These most important qualities that characterize Japan.If possible, the interior can be supplemented with robots, even toy, but close to the present.In Japanese cuisine the presence of these iron men is an essential attribute.

kitchen design takes a lot of time and effort.Best of all, this process entrust professional designers, who will pick up every little detail and create a unique effect.Self permutation kitchen may end in disappointment.But in the Japanese style kitchen requires careful attention to itself.

last thing worth mentioning - is the preservation of the room in its original form.Japanese style is not characteristic of the disorder, unwashed dishes in the sink or stove slap.If we decide to take this step, how to create an atmosphere in the kitchen of Japan, then it is necessary to constantly maintain cleanliness and order.And then the room will be renovated to please the eye for a long time.