Oven cleaning: Catalytic and its alternatives

Kitchen, as well as the ancient center, gathers all those who come for food, warmth and a kind word.And her heart, stove - almost a sacred thing, because it depends on it, what you feed your family.At the wisest priests and priestesses have their secrets as to pass the great culinary wizard in the kitchen after spending as little time.They especially appreciate the technique to save time on cooking, as well as time for her care.And such a function as cleaning the oven, the catalyst, or any other, - one of the most useful for home wizards.We briefly review the existing treatment system and a closer look at one of them, a catalyst.

Chemical cleaning of the oven, the catalyst as it is commonly called, has been used for a long time.The operating principle of this technology is the following.Special material, oxidation catalyst, is applied to the side plates of the oven along with the enamel.Outwardly, it looks like a grainy surface.This material - usually ceria 4, and in a most efficient scraping plates m

ay be used and oxides of copper, manganese or cobalt, and combinations thereof.The catalyst accelerates the decomposition of hydrocarbons, that is, of burnt fat in the oven, splitting it into organic substances - carbon and water.

main advantage that gives you automatic cleaning oven (the catalyst, as already mentioned), is that this process does not require your direct involvement.You can literally forget about cleaning the oven.But only for a while as to perform manual cleaning of surfaces with no catalytic plates still have.Still require attention and the door.Nevertheless, the basic cleaning is carried out already in the process of baking or grilling, and therefore does not require you to extra time and energy.Another big plus: Oven cleaning the catalytic Unlike pyrolysis, available in gas ovens.This system also does not impose any restrictions on the location of the oven with respect to the cooking and wall panels.In addition, it is quite affordable and is available in models are not the most expensive plates.This function is used by such well-known manufacturers as Ariston, AEG, Electrolux, Smeg, Siemens and others.

Among the shortcomings of such treatment may be mentioned at least occasionally need to wash the oven for at least the bottom and the door.And after several years of operation panel, if they are not bilateral, have to be replaced with new ones.In general, those whose plate is provided catalytic cleaning ovens, mostly positive reviews.But among users of the latest generation of electric stoves there are more fans of another type of automatic cleaning, pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis - a disintegration of grease and other contamination with a very strong heating without oxygen.This requires additional energy.They are not too noticeable, because such cleaning is only required from time to time.However, this system has specific requirements for electrical wiring and location of plates in the kitchen.Therefore gasified houses its installation and use is often problematic.Some buyers are deterred and the price of the oven associated with the need to increase its reliability and resistance to high temperatures.In addition, the function of the pyrolysis generally equipped multifunctional, and therefore, more expensive models.

Another way to alleviate some of the work yourself - is hydrolysis cleaning oven.Unlike previous methods, the hydrolysis is carried out automatically and does not require regular use, but the procedure itself is quite simple.After cooking in a pan added plain water or water with a means for the hydrolysis, whereupon the oven again operated for a short time.This system is somewhat less effective, less common, and only in electric ovens.

to innovation cleaning ovens include such systems as EcoClean and Aqua Clean, created and implemented by individual manufacturers.They have a different principle and therefore different performance, but successfully applied and are likely to become more widespread.Moreover, at present almost all manufacturers offer coverage plates preventing fat accumulation.A main measure is maintaining the purity of cooking under the hood or by using a sleeve for baking.And yet, if you decide that you need a "au pair" as the automatic cleaning of the oven, the catalyst system remains one of the most accessible and, importantly, versatile.