Manufacturing blades at home

How to make a knife at home

idea to make a knife in the home came to me after I saw sold in our stores the product in China.Looking at first glance, quite tolerable, with beautifully decorated handles kitchen knife turned out to be completely unusable.Moreover, the materials from which these blades are made, were very dubious, so still and the whole set of knives eventually had to throw, since all its components are simply broken.Yes, during the operation there were very unpleasant thoughts at the sight of peeling paint on the handles of knives, because all this stuff could easily get into the food and its origin was unknown.

Here I decided to try and manufacture of knives with their hands.But it's only easy to say, production of knives in the home - is not easy, and appropriate materials are needed.First, I used the remainder of the unserviceable Chinese knife blade as his pen made of a suspicious plastic little shabby, becoming unpleasant kind, so more then fell off.Therefore, the manufacture

of knives at home I started with the knife, having its own production of the handle only.Finding the right size piece of beech, I gave it the desired shape using a hacksaw and a file, handled it well sandpaper (first big, then fine) to make the surface a perfect smoothness.My pen has two halves, between which housed the grip of the blade.Carefully, using a drill, drill in both halves of the mounting holes, laid between the blade and sealed handle all using rivets.And so between the halves of the handle there is no gap on the inner parts pre-made grooves to the thickness and width of the blade, to hide his pen.

Honestly, this knife looked very soundly, the only difficulty was to get stuff, is not always easy to find solid wood, but on the other hand, it is impossible in this is nothing.Then I planned to make the knife completely, including the blade.For this I bought in the store a piece of stainless steel with a thickness of half a millimeter.Then, not without difficulty, using a drill and a hacksaw, cut the workpiece right size, trying to give the required shape the future of the blade.Honestly, to handle such a workpiece with a file - a very time-consuming activity, so I used an electric sandpaper.Sharpening a knife made immediately, and polish it with a special range.Drill holes for mounting handles, well, then everything has happened the way described above.The exception was only the material knife - now I used the plastic preform, its treatment has been less demanding than wood, but the appearance of the finished grip was, unfortunately, not so pleasant, like a knife with a wooden handle.

Still, the natural material is always more valuable than artificial.In general, the production of knives at home turned out to be a lot of fun, useful both for household and for their own development.Having bought a friend's mechanic set for striking markings, I added, could be applied to the knife edge and even engraving.I do not know how anyone, but I liked to improve, to bring the production of knives at home to quality and snivshemusya those products that are sold in hardware stores.In addition, a set of tools necessary for the production, not so great, and at first it is possible to manage only the most common tools.