Chrome home

Chrome parts at home is one of the favorite pastimes for many people.But do not forget at the same time that the passion is very dangerous to health.The fact that the chrome and nickel - two complex processes that are performed by chemical-thermal and electrochemical treatments.Such processes are typically done on the plants using specialized equipment.But this does not mean that you can not do at home with their own hands.

To make chrome at home, you first need to have on hand a container covered with enamel.The most striking example of this capacity will be the usual enameled casserole that is sure to have a home in every host.Also, for the process of chrome plating parts at home need a blowtorch, some of the chemical solutions and, of course, a good knowledge of the processes of chemical treatment.In other words speaking, you need to know what chemicals to use for a particular kind of metal that is to be plated.Still, you need to know very well the processing sequence.

Before starting the chromi

um plating, first, to prepare the details, which will be subjected to chemical treatment.In the first place, they must be polished and degreased.This must be done to remove all organic contamination, which are currently on the details.At home, it can be done by machining in a hot alkaline solution or, rinse parts powerful cleaning solution.Then, it is necessary to isolate the details of all the parts that are not subjected to the process of chroming.In this case, the material can be insulating lead.This chemical element is resistant to the electrolyte and therefore it will not be subject to the process of chroming.

next step in the process of chrome plating at home, will be assembling parts.They need to be mounted on the suspension, or other devices that contribute to the current supply impeccable detail.Such devices must be properly contribute to the current supply and its distribution throughout the area hromiruemoy details.Contact with the plating must be very reliable, as they will pass through the large currents, so their role in this process, one of the most important.Yet, when this process is very important to know the details, which lends itself to the outer surface of chromium plating should not escape each other.

After all the preparatory steps, you can start and to chrome plating.To do this, you need to lower the prepared items in a bath filled with pure chromium oxide, water and free radicals to help get quality chrome parts of the house.After the bath, the item must be removed, but it does not need in any way with your bare hands, because of the chemical elements contained in the bathroom can get severely damaged skin.When the item has cooled slightly, it must be carefully polished, thereby removing from the surface of unwanted precipitation.By and large, this is the chrome in the home.

But in any case we should not forget about safety measures, and especially in the room in which will be held directly and chrome in the home.The entire process of applying chromium to detail accompanied by intensive release of oxygen and hydrogen.Plus, thousands of droplets of electrolyte which are condensed into the fog, and are above the mirror bath strongly irritate the mucous membranes of the body, which can then lead to very dire consequences.Accordingly, the chromium in the home is in a well-ventilated area.Or should stock up on protective materials such as dust mask and protective clothing to help prevent electrolyte contact with the skin.