Sew the bag with his hands: a simple savings or something more?

Returning to the subject of accessories, it is impossible to avoid such a recognized ladies Fetish like bags.We, the girls, treat them with special trembling, and give us the will and the money is better, and we would have to be purchased in addition to each of the bag, but rather two.And not only clothes, but simply because they are so ... so ... In general, the situation with bags even sadder than with shoes: Shoes has a large area of ​​practical application, will wear out, and hence the need to buy a new pair of shoes theremuch more often.Handbags, for many of us are more a luxury than a priority need - we love and buy quality stuff, and they tend to stay long in perfect condition, without giving them the owner of the moral right to spend another bunch of money on an optional purchase.

But we would not be women, if they could not find a solution in every situation.For example, why not try to sew the bag with your hands?Difficult it is only at first glance, but in fact it is no more difficult than t

o sew, for example, a dress or pants: for pattern bag with his hands for the most part are pretty simple, but the style and mood of any bag sets are not some incrediblethe complexity of the finishing and decorative elements and accessories.So, in order to sew the bag with his hands, the first thing you need to think carefully about its design, decorative and functional solutions in accordance with their ideas to find a suitable pattern.You can, of course, on the contrary, first select the pattern, and then to consider options for its design, but most of us gains bag based precisely on their design and materials, and only then draws attention to the design features - but what's the difference, sew the bag with his handsor buy?After all, the result of a one - the new thing that we should do like.

So, we have a general understanding of what results we want to achieve: we need a comfortable, practical, but most importantly - a beautiful bag.Whatever weaknesses we may fed to the skin, but to make their own hands leather bags only by those who have specialized sewing machines.Otherwise, try and not worth it - to sew the bag with your hands from the skin without resorting to the sewing machine is impossible: turn a terrible kustarschina.So, we have a small selection - sports and summer bags: it is they are usually sewn from fabric.A particularly attractive option summer handbags: it comes time to an active life outside the home, as the fine weather is very difficult to force myself to be in the four walls - the more reason to show a new thing.Besides, it is the onset of the warm season of the year makes us wait for change and fresh impressions, to be bold in their imaginations, and experience gained, and in addition to, and a new handbag fits this mood well.In addition, the pattern bag with his hands, designed for the summer season, are easy to design and simple execution - ideal for a first experience.For summer handbags best to use thick fabrics of artificial origin - they are the most durable wear.Naturally, the summer - time for bright colors, so give preference to the most cheerful colors.Do not forget about the accessories: for example, for bright beach bags with expressive floral pattern is perfect fittings of warm natural materials, especially popular are wood and bamboo.

And here, the idea to sew a bag seized us entirely: we have imagine a new little thing in detail, reviewed more than one site to find the right hardware, bypassing all the shops in the city, considering the fabric and noticing which of them would fitfor sewing bags, and at the same time to dress in peas.It all fits, it's time to start.Download the appropriate pattern, buy everything you need and start the process of creativity, though, if you are good, it started a long time - in fact when we dream on new clothes, we've already created, just not on the material level.But our future handbag was born it was then, but now we just help her implement.Quite a bit of patience and accuracy - and we are ready to fully prepared to meet the new summer season: we have an exclusive thing, a copy of which we do not meet somewhere in the summer café or not the night be told in his own office.And what a banal purchase of a new bag for the ordinary money can compare with this unforgettable creative process, the more that led to such a mind-blowing result?