Crafts for children - with their own hands crafts paper

Everywhere and always a man appreciates the things created by the hands of another person.Suppose that handcrafted can not always compete with the factory product quality and correctness, but to each his work master puts particle soul, his attitude, good wishes and love.

And working with children is a double pleasure, for both adults and children.It is both a pleasure getting to communicate, acquire new skills, to create something unique and original, and the development of imagination, creative thinking and hard work.

There are many options hanging out with the kids.Something is time consuming and requires a lot of skill, and some variants of crafts are available for beginners and masters.

Everyone knows that crafts with their hands out of paper do not require much time.And it does not need to possess extraordinary abilities.It is worth one (sometimes a couple) just to watch the creation of the paper product, and that the child is already taught himself to build on.

create paper can be almost ev

erything that surrounds us: a variety of figures, animals, people, flowers, objects.Made crafts can be practical: it can be a napkin, cards, toys on the Christmas tree, a flashlight, and even books.Crafts made of paper and cardboard can be made with their own hands to give, they can decorate your home for the holiday, and you can use the process of creating paper craft while waiting for something (all trip).

  • most simple, but no less interesting is a paper doll.In fact, besides the baby dolls can also create clothing, accessories and even home furnishings created for man.In addition to the house can be set up and shops and schools, and more.In the process of creating a paper city child can engage all their home and friends, everyone will find to your liking.
  • Girls can create jewelry not only for the dolls, but for myself and my mother: crown, tiara, rings, bracelets - all that is necessary to a little princess.
  • And the boys happy to "grow" for the mother or the young lady beautiful flowers for the holiday, or just to bring joy.From the paper with his hands can be created and camomile, and tulips, roses and even.
  • Paper Heroes is quite possible to "revive": is only just to make holes for the fingers, and, behold, your men are already dancing and waving his elephant trunk as real.
  • Crafts made of paper with your hands can be a great Christmas toys: fairy houses, toys, gnomes, shiny and bright involucre holiday candy, colorful garlands.
  • Many are familiar with the concept of "origami".This word, translated from Japanese, it sounds like - "folded paper".It is an ancient Chinese art, despite his age, is available in virtually all of today's days.

There are several types and techniques of origami:

  1. modular origami.The figure consists of many parts.
  2. Origami simple.It was created specifically for the beginners and people with disabilities.
  3. Folding origami on the scan.
  4. Folding wet.The method is used to impart plasticity and expressiveness.However, the paper of this method should be made with the addition of a water soluble adhesive.

Of course, this is only a few options craft paper with his own hands, but hand in case you and your kid, sure, carried away by this process and will learn a lot more.

Before you start creating crafts with their hands from the paper, you need to prepare a little bit.Shall be available: paper, glue (preferably two types: liquid and glue stick), brush for applying liquid glue, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and, of course, wish!

get to work you need to remember a few rules:

  1. folds need to iron well, it is best to do it with scissors.
  2. to get a long strip of paper should tear the paper along the grain.
  3. to paste the item you need to smear it with glue, not the place where it should be pasted.
  4. to fix pasted item must press it.Good use for this small piece of flannel fabric.

Crafts made of paper with your hands will help to learn new and will bring a lot of pleasant moments spent with the children.