The pledge of comfort in the bedroom - bedspread with his own hands

In any environment, there are accents that determine his mood sets the tone for the rest of the decoration.In the bedroom, the bed becomes such a focus, because this room is created specifically for sleep, and sleep a person goes to bed.And the most important element of the bedroom should look as luxurious as spectacular you want it to be.What

decorate the bed?This can be a canopy or a nice cushion cover.

course now, you can buy anything you like, but you can make bedspread with his hands.This will allow you to withstand the style and create a perfect image of your bedroom.

To support necessary to cover the interior combined with curtains and it was one tone with furniture and wallpaper.If your bedroom is small, choose a color to match the curtain walls and the floor.

Before creating bedspread with their hands need to determine what type of curtain you prefer.There are several types:

  • Plaid (simple veil) - are covered by the cut size bed.For the reverse side of the fabric using natural fiber,
    suitable in color to the underlying tissue.To finish, take a decorative braid.
  • coated with a frill - for lovers of romance and fabulous interiors.Ruffles can make one, and it is possible and more.Here, you only limit is your imagination and fabric yardage.Decorating can be a decorative tape or it can serve as a string.
  • complex veil - the veil when you create that uses several different types of tissue.To decorate, you can use a variety of frills, ruffles, bows.

bedspreads with your hands can be quite simple, and it is possible to create it using different techniques: not only sewing, but knitting and weaving, etc.You can use the technique of patchwork and weaving scraps, make a plaid patchwork, create a blanket of felt rings and can be set up the real story on the bedspread.

add bedspread made with their own hands to help decorative pillows that can also create his own.

to create expressive look of your bedroom effective solution is to choose satin or fleecy fabrics for bedspreads.

to create children's blankets are best used quilted material.The simple blanket can be cut to size beds and decorated ryushyu or may repeat the theme of adult blankets.

And, of course, several recommendations concerning how to sew your own blanket.

before cutting need to measure the width, height and length of your bed.To calculate the top of the curtain you need to know the length of the bed and add to it 3,5 cm at the seams, and the width of the curtain should be three centimeters larger than the width of the bed.

Once a desired fabric size to the primary backing fabric and cutting, it is necessary to cut it, but before it is required to cut side edge.

If you sew bedspread with ruffles, to begin with, decide what should be the width of the frills: the height of the tissue is necessary to subtract the distance from the floor to the ruffles and fringe width, and then add four centimeters for joints.To create frills you will need a few details: 1 - foot of the bed, 2 - sides, 2 - for angles.To calculate the length of the side of the bed length of the frills you need to multiply by 1.5.For details of the length of the foot of the bed, multiply by 1.5 the width of the bed.

for each specific type of veils has its own version of creation.

possible, for this you will need to ask for help from someone who already knows how to create such a thing.Or, preferably, will visit the master class or course on a certain technique of needlework.Whichever option you choose to create a blanket on the bed with his hands - it will be an extra experience and the fun of creating original things for your home that will delight and warm for you and your family.