Cordless sprayer: reviews and advice on choosing

Orchard sprayer - thing in life is very necessary and useful.Especially for gardeners who in the spring and summer are beginning to pest control.Until recently people were engaged in manual spraying.It was quite time-consuming activity with an average efficiency.If the site is large, from a person it required a lot of endurance and patience.Today, anyone can buy a cordless sprayer.Let's talk about how to make the right choice and what to look for.

Why is the battery?

Today there is a huge selection of garden sprayers.This pomp and hydraulic, and gasoline, and many others.But the most interesting to look at their background cordless model.However, before you buy every one of us will probably be wondering why such.This is reasonable and logical, because you always want to buy something worthwhile, especially since the rather big price.So, the advantages of a device such as a battery electric sprayer, lie in the fact that many of the models are made satchel.This reduces the load on the hands and keep th

em free.In addition, the device works automatically, so the injection pressure has been electric.All that is required from the operator is to press the lever to open the valve, and direct sprayer in the right direction.Let's look at the main advantages and weaknesses of these devices.

the advantages and disadvantages

plus these garden sprayers are quite a few.It should be noted that they have easy and convenient to use.This is due to the fact that in a not need to carry a wire in electrical embodiments, or DIC as gasoline counterparts.In addition, cordless models are very easy to maintain.All that is required of you is to periodically recharge the battery from the mains of 220 V. Power battery for all models is different, but almost always the resource is enough for 3-6 hours of uninterrupted operation.That will be enough, but if not, it is useful to take a break until the battery is being charged.Since your hands are constantly available, you may send post even in the most remote places, which increases the effectiveness of the spray as a whole.Anyway, it is worth noting that the battery backpack sprayer is the most convenient to use.As for the cons, then they are available.You can talk about the high cost and complexity of the equipment.

Cordless sprayer "Comfort»

equipment from this manufacturer is very well-known and popular with gardeners.Sprayers "Comfort" are famous for high quality build.As practice shows, if used properly, sprayers do not break and are long enough.In addition, most of the models backpack, and we have understood that it is very convenient.Reservoirs (tanks) are made of plastic.This makes them lighter and resistant to aggressive environments.Rod spray brass, quite durable and reliable.If you accidentally drop it, then it does not happen, you can be sure of that.It should be noted that the battery sprayer "Comfort" is equipped with a diaphragm electric pump.Also renowned for its quality and battery capable of up to 6 hours without recharging.In addition, a set of equipment and optional battery charger, and if necessary you can buy rods of different lengths and shapes.Fuel tank varies depending on the model and may be from 12 to 18 liters with a maximum system pressure of 0.6 bar.

Overview OEL-16 "Comfort»

knapsack sprayer battery OEL 16 often gets high marks from consumers, and indeed, this unit is in great demand.Sprayer equipped with a lithium battery with a service life up to 6 hours.That will be quite enough to handle large area.We must draw your attention to the fact that OEL-16 is used for weed control, as well as used for spraying chemicals for crop protection.But the scope of the unit does not end there.Often it is used for washing windows and even cars.In addition, a knapsack sprayer battery suitable for disinfecting the premises.In general, this is a great model that will delight not only for its quality but also functional.The design is quite simple, so some repair work can be carried out personally.Numeral "16" in the name means the volume of the tank in liters.

sprayer battery: consumer reviews

Before purchasing you need to familiarize yourself with the advice of experienced people.The easiest and most effective way, to the same even and free - see the thematic forums to find the desired information.Often customers leave their reviews about a particular model, purchased in the store.In general, truckers converge on the opinion that the sprayer is better to buy from domestic producers.For example, many are advised to buy cultivators and tillers abroad, but the situation is reversed with sprinklers.The fact that the product in the RF technique is of sufficient quality, especially considering the extremely simple structure and minimum number of complex components.The price of sprayers lower by 10-15% than that of their foreign counterparts.In addition, the domestic manufacturer offers an excellent selection, and details in the event of a breakdown is much easier to find and buy them - cheaper.From this we can conclude that it is better to buy domestic battery sprayer.Reviews of foreign products, too, almost all positive, but does it make sense to pay more?

Pro sprayers "Sadko»

good choice can be considered the technique of Ukrainian production of "Sadko".The units are of sufficient quality and are sold at an affordable price.For example, the model SPR-16E with a tank of 16 liters and a diaphragm pump will cost 10 000 rubles.Among the additional features you get the sensor battery level.This will always be aware of and know how much battery still hold.The unit is equipped with a special cart, so you do not have to expend energy on the portability of the equipment.In general, battery sprayer Sadko SPR-16E good and has a lot of strengths.In addition, the company offers a wide range of equipment, and if you do not need a battery model, you will find hydraulic or manual.

«Caliber" - cheap and cheerful

Many customers recommend buying sprayer of "Caliber".Looking at it more closely, it can be understood that the technique really is worthy of attention.Lightweight equipment, build quality, convenient transportation and reasonable price - all these qualities are inherent in the data sprayers.Many gardeners do not advise to pass by the ACO model-14.4.This unit is about 7,000 rubles, and the tank has a volume of 10 liters, and operates at an operating pressure of 3.0 bar, which is quite a lot.This creates a great pressure.Consumption of the solution in this case is about 0.3 liters per minute.A fully discharged battery charged for 60 minutes, after which you can continue to work.The cost of the battery (if buy it separately) is about 2000 rubles.Sprayer battery "Caliber" is for those who appreciate quality and saves money.This is one of the best solutions.

few tips for choosing

If you had to buy a garden sprayer, do not hurry.Immediately sift models with metal tank, of course, if you find any.It is also not advisable to give priority to units with tank capacity of less than 8 liters.In this case, you will have too often take breaks to fill the new solution.In general, look for mechanical damage, chips, kinks, and so on. N.


garden sprayers will help you to save your own time and energy.If you use a cordless model, then all this will get even simple maintenance.No need to constantly refill gasoline and oil to lubricate the engine, and so on.. All that is required of you - is periodically recharge the battery.In any case, if you have spare cash, it is best to spend 2,000 rubles more and buy a sprayer, rather than manually.With the latest troubles more and less sense of it.However, even this version is better than nothing.