Verification of water meters is canceled?

Checking the water meter is designed to determine the error, which is subject to the operation of the device during the metering of water consumption in various modes.After the necessary verification issue an opinion on the work of the unit for possible future use.

How often must be carried out this procedure, for which it is carried out, who does it and whether it was true that the verification of water meters is canceled?Let us examine these issues in more detail.

it advisable to put the meter?

To conserve water consumption and to eliminate financial overruns, many citizens establish in their apartments instruments for the account of cold and hot water.Many experienced significant savings by paying for actual consumption of water meter reading and not according to the standards set out above.Imputed meter calibration is good enough for the sale on the Russian market of sanitary services, but many consumers believe that the verification of water meters is illegal and try to challenge it legally.

What are checking the water meter?

Held metrology process, after which the host device receives the necessary documents for further operation, called the meter verification.Common Water Meter normally can last up to twelve years, but the operation requires periodic inspection.Verification of hot water meters must be carried out every four years, the cold - every six years.Sometimes it takes an extraordinary procedure and such a plan.To hold it, you need to contact the service company.Employees will conduct verification within 18 days.

methods of verification

meter verification can be accomplished in many ways.Full calibration is carried out in several stages:

• The apartment comes a specialist service company, dismantle the existing water meter and install in its place a temporary spacer, which are prepared in advance.

• The meter is delivered in the metrology laboratory, where it is cleaned of dirt, sediment, repair and the process of verification.

• After the calibration is finished, the installer returns the counter to its original location, removes the spacer.

• Master issued on receipt all necessary documents.

Of course, this method is not cheap.For all have to pay.In addition, during the removal and installation of the meter must be present owner.This method is often used when an extraordinary verification.

There is another way, when the counter is replaced by old attorney already.Replacement cost is much cheaper.The downside is that the device is already installed d'exploited, and this reduces the guarantee of further work.

And if you do not spend time proving?

Many consumers are now in Moscow heard that the water meter calibration is canceled, so do not spend it.Are they right?The question is still open.

Periodical meter verification, according DEZov and condominiums, is mandatory.If it is not carried out, the counter will be void, and the fee for water consumption will be calculated according to the standards for one person actually living.Often, it is very unpleasant for the consumer, charges can be made retroactively.Since the limitation period is now three years, ECD can wait for this period, and then show recalculated.So when unverified counter debt could reach three years.

Terms verification.Where did these four or six years?

From the outset, verification of water meters in Moscow at such intervals was fixed from the time when the Moscow government in February 2004 issued a decree №77-PP, which raised the question of improving measures to integrate a system of water consumption.Annex number 1, paragraph 7.9, said that the cold water meter verification of Gosstandart should be done at least once in 4 years, and for hot water, respectively, the interval should be at least 5 years.That is, if consumers are having any doubts on the accuracy of manual water meter, it may apply to the reference laboratory.There's specialists will identify any errors in the operation of the device, and then it will need to be replaced or deviations will not be detected, and then the counter can be safely put back.Such verification, based on the indications in the decision, could be carried out, and six, and eight years later.And this would be considered legal.However ...

Over time specified intervals somehow lost the prefix "no less."Verification of water meters in Moscow was held exactly four years to six years of cold and hot water.These terms and anchored in practice.Now, if the tenant did not make verification of the "new" standards, settlement center at the direction of management companies charge you for the water to existing regulations.

So what is Gosstandart officials referred sample of 2004, when they affirmed checking counters of hot water for a period of 4 years, and cold water - in 6 years?Not for what!Now metrological service Rosstandart recognizes that the documentary information about the notorious timing verification of domestic and imported instruments do not exist.It turns out that for many years the average consumer is misleading, forced to do verification, referring to non-existent government standard.

Verification of water meters abolished

Already since January 2013 the Moscow government has abolished mandatory verification of water meters.What was the reason?

In the last years before the abolition of all Moscow DEZy argued that the validity of the counters are 4 and 6 years old, referring to the 77th Decree of 10.02.2004 year.In the Moscow prosecutor's office on this sensational occasion received a lot of complaints.As a result of thorough prosecutor's investigation it was found that a timely verifications illegal.Prosecutors demanded to eliminate these violations.

Documents confirming the abolition of the fixed timing verification counters

Sobyanin canceled calibrated water meters in January-months of 2013.At the end of 2012, namely on December 26 the Moscow government issued a new Regulation under the number 831-PP.This document abolished the Annex 1 of the Decree № 77-PP, which stipulates the terms of checking counters.Thus, calibration of individual units of water consumption was not the responsibility of the Muscovites, and the law.

If your DEZa cancellation verifications of water meters is an empty phrase, the workers do not accept the unverified testimony counter, write to the prosecutor, referring to the new issued a decree №831-PP dated 26.12.2012, at which abolished fixed termsverification.

How these issues are dealt with abroad?

Russian companies, one way or another involved in the verification of meters, their replacement, installation, continue to enter in a passport numbers, anything for myself.On imported counters, including the German producers, it can be inscribed 4 and 6-year-old water meter calibration.Comments about this fact from consumers can be heard the most negative.Many are interested in, and how this question things, for example, in Berlin?The answer may discourage everyone.The fact that there is water meters can operate until such time as they, quite simply, do not start "kink."If it is not in favor of the host device, it is, of course, to hurry to replace him.In the reverse situation, employees of the management company will immediately notice a dirty trick on the transmitted readings and come to check.Faulty equipment can help replace the host will pay.Just act in America.

In many states, where the counters are used to account for the consumption of water, calibration intervals are set by law, but they do not point in the data sheets.

Replacing or checking ...?

If, however, came a period of checking the meter, which is easier: to replace it entirely, or to perform calibration on all items above?For some consumers the procedure of verification may seem burdensome, because it is related to the dismantling of the old device, set the time, a trip to the metrology service, which is quite possible, the water meter may be rejected.

What are the advantages of installing a new counter?

Firstly, the experts due to you, will make a replacement once per visit.Next - you will not have to pay for nothing, because in the case of regular calibration there is no guarantee that the meter would fit, Metrological services will be paid for in vain.And finally, as the illegal timing was seen as invalid and mandatory verification of water meters is canceled, it is possible to put a new, more advanced model of the device, with a longer calibration interval.It will also bring the family budget savings.

Summarizing sensational topics on the abolition of the notorious calibration interval work meters of water, will draw conclusions and consider the most interesting questions asked by consumers.

abolished if calibrated water meters?

for objective judgment, not the canceled check and a fixed term that prosecutors considered illegal.Resolution of the Moscow Government № 831-PP, published in December 2012, it canceled the document (Appendix №1 to the 77 th decree of 10.02.2004 years), relied upon by all the operating companies, and set deadlines for calibration of 4 and 6 years.

So you need verification of water meters now?Calibration of devices for metering of water is an essential factor in the operation of the meter, it stated in the decree issued by the Russian Government, №354 from 06.05.2011 year.This document informs that the "consumer is obliged to produce a verification device in the terms which are fixed in the data sheet."For the majority of domestic appliances such period is the same notorious 4 and 6 years old, but some imported equipment in its data sheet have a term of 10 to 15 years.Selection counter provided to the consumer.Yes, and upon the occurrence of each verification period shall have the right to simply replace the old device to the new.

as the management company can control the timing of verification of water meters in the apartments?

After the landlord found in his apartment a new counter, he must bring to the management company documents confirming the readiness of the meter to work - it must be an act of device commissioning, and, of course, technical passport, which shows Calibration termsfor the model of the device.The employees of the management company should fix it all.Thus, they will have the necessary information about the interval through which should be made a regular calibration.Many consumers are interested in the question, what could be the consequences if deadlines were ignored verification, which are specified in the data sheet?As mentioned above, the counter will be unchecked declared unfit for work and payment for water consumption will be calculated in accordance with the general regulations.

Checking the registration of citizens living in housing without meters

Recently in Moscow frequent checking of apartments, where there are no devices for metering water for the registration of citizens actually live there.How and why?In January 2013 the Department of housing and communal services and improvement of the city of Moscow approved the "Guidelines", which are entitled to install utilities individuals actually living in a residential area scanned.So, thanks to this document, management companies can now identify unregistered people in apartments, where not established the necessary water meters.And if before charging for water produced only registrants of the common account, now for water consumption landlord will have to pay on the basis of the facts - that is, the number of residents in a given area citizens.Every two weeks in these apartments will go and see the Commission and transmit the data residing in the control group.

From the above we can conclude that if the living space has one people, and more people actually live, while water meters installed in the apartment, the owner will no longer pay slips as before - to a minimum.The management company will make the calculation of specifications on every soul, and it is extremely unprofitable, there is simply astronomical rates.It is much more advantageous to install water meters, with him you will experience significant savings in the family budget.