Garden vacuum cleaner to collect leaves: customer reviews.

well maintained and clean garden - it is always a pleasure for gardeners.But nearly everyone knows that this activity is very time-consuming and monotonous, so it is very quickly bored.At the same time leave the fallen leaves lie until next season can not be for several reasons.Firstly, under the leaves shall winter pests, which in the spring will begin to eat the trees, flowers, and others. Secondly, the leaves of certain trees are harmful to the earth.Let's talk about how to choose a vacuum cleaner to collect leaves.

development of technology

Ten years ago hardly anyone has heard of such vacuum cleaners.At the same time, an ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean the room already existed.And someone and thought over, but why not create an analog-only harvesting the leaves.Apparently, the idea was excellent, because this technique fairly quickly gained popularity.Previously, all the works were carried out with a rake, although this instrument is still used successfully.But if the site is too large, but st

ill it is working elderly people, the vacuum cleaner to collect leaves very rescue.Firstly, it weighs only a few kilograms, secondly, flushing the soil with oxygen has a beneficial effect on her.And if there's a couple extra thousand rubles, they can spend on the blower.And believe me, you will not regret.But first you need to decide which model to choose and what to do to navigate.

Hand cleaner Garden

This is the easiest option of those that we are reviewing.Such a tool is used exclusively for the portions with a small area.Some few words to say about the meaning of a transport that does not cause any problems.To transfer has a special handle and shoulder strap.The weight of the device is usually small, so it will keep any.Functional here, of course, limited, but it will be enough to carry out major works.Performance will vary depending on the engine.Typically, units of this type are equipped with petrol and electric motors, but we'll talk about a little later.By the way, a vacuum cleaner to collect garden leaves manual type are often equipped with battery.The presence of the battery unit makes a somewhat heavier, but this solution is very effective, however, the volume of work in this case is limited to the capacity of the battery.

Knapsack garden vacuum

But this kind of equipment can already be attributed to the professional.Acquire it sometimes does not make sense.It is advisable only if you have to handle large or middle portion.For that simple reason, in most cases, a vacuum cleaner is installed a gasoline engine.Design features of the unit by the hand lies in the fact that its engine is located behind a backpack.This solution greatly simplifies the transportation, making it more simple.Basically, it's a powerful vacuum cleaner that can work for a long time, but it happens sometimes that sometimes they can not cope with the work.It is therefore proposed another type of garden vacuum cleaners.

Wheel cleaners

tool of this type has a lot of modifications.The operator has the ability to install nozzles with different widths.Typically, the width varies from 40 to 65 centimeters.Then there are the cutting knives, which are able to cope with the branches of 3-5 cm diameter.Waste bins depends on the model of the unit, but rarely exceed 200 liters.Typically, vacuum cleaners equipped with a special corrugated hose that can handle even the most remote places.

The unit has a four-wheel drive, front - Rotary, which greatly simplifies the management of a vacuum cleaner.Many models are available with rear-wheel drive.This is especially true in the case of heavy weight equipment and impressive size, and propelled garden leaf vacuum cleaners are very easy to use.The unit will help you to carefully remove debris from around the area.At the same time, there are additional features such as a blower, shredder, and so on. N. And now let's go ahead and look at something else.

Vacuums Leaf electric

As noted above, currently produced petrol and electric units.Let's look at the model, running on the network.First, I would like to say about the benefits.Firstly, this low level of equipment noise, and secondly, the electrical model is more safe and convenient to use.This is due to the fact that they almost do not need to maintain.As for the weight of the motor, it is about the same as that of gasoline.

But then there are also disadvantages.In most cases, the electric vacuum cleaner leaves can be used only in relatively small areas.This is due to the small capacity of the equipment.In addition, you will need to run an extension cord.The larger the area you want to treat, the longer wire is needed.But there is one thing.For a small area best suited electric model.This is due to not only the ease of management and maintenance, and high reliability, as well as the efficiency of the electric motor.

About petrol vacuum cleaners

units with a petrol engine more popular.This is due to several factors.Firstly, it is quite powerful equipment.Wheeled backpack vacuums and in 90% of cases have a gasoline engine.It is completely non-volatile and can run as long as there is oil and gasoline.The tank can be of various sizes, so it's hard to say how much a vacuum cleaner to collect leaves of gasoline can be operated without interruption.Nevertheless it is recommended to give a break to cool the motor.Of course, we have to get used to the big noise, on a motorcycle or chainsaw, but eventually you will no longer pay attention to it, and you can always wear earplugs to protect your ears.Exhaust gases - another drawback.In normal operation, the number of the engine is within the limits, if there are any deviations, the gas will be a lot.Also have to contend with vibrations.However, in the case of wheeled equipment they leave on the carrier elements and in the ground.Such motor to service: to add oil, gasoline, cleaning and so on. N. This equipment is very effective for the treatment of large areas.

What do consumers?

We have already dealt with that a little bit, how to choose a vacuum cleaner to collect leaves.Reviews of consumers and professional advice do not play the most important role.For example, many respond positively about the company MTD.This European brand is quite popular and quality.But it can not count on low prices.Among consumer demand and electric vacuum cleaners Company Ryobi.Many have noted the high quality of the product and low noise.Almost every one of us familiar with the products of the company "Calm".Many consumers say that it is a good vacuum cleaner for leaves.Reviews indicate the high quality of the engine and low weight.

Conclusion As you can see, choose a garden vacuum cleaner is not so difficult.First of all, please be general theoretical knowledge.You must understand that more important than the comfort and reliability of the unit, rather than speed and power.In this capacity disregard the motor is not worth it.Look for additional features, which has a vacuum cleaner.For example, the blower enables you to move the garbage in the right place.It achieves this by applying a strong air flow.Shredder allows you to significantly reduce the amount of waste and simplify discharge of the dust-collecting.Of course, all of these functions is not mandatory, but sooner or later they can be useful and extremely helpful.Moreover, their presence does not complicate substantially the structure, though it increases the cost by approximately 15%.