Mitre Saw with wire.

Mitre saws with wire used by builders for cutting the workpiece.The design of the device allows you to select the angle.The basic material for the work in favor wood or aluminum.However, you can easily sawing plastic and laminate.

Features crosscut saws

All miter saws stand out high-speed turns.This place will always cut very accurate.All this allows you to use this tool in the installation and joinery.However, some use it to furnish the room.

Additionally saws can be used in the manufacture of furniture.More often they are adopting an enterprise for production of windows.This is largely due to the high quality of the cut metal profiles.Disks have crosscut saws are extremely durable.

How does it work?

miter saw with wire consists of a guard, the engine and the handle.At the base of the device has a frame with a rotary table.Underneath you can see the line, which allows you to set the angle.Additionally, the miter saw is placed rip fence to secure the workpiece.The cover protects the person fr

om the rotating disk.In turn, the miter saw with wire, made with his own hands, it is not secure.Many manufacturers of equipment installed on asynchronous motors.However, many prefer collecting unit.

first option will work with the workpiece is absolutely silent.This asynchronous motors can last for many years.Collector device much noisy.However, they are easy to maintain and do not require periodic inspections.In general, the location engine in different models can differ greatly.Most manufacturers often mounted at the rear of the engine.He did not much interfere with workflow.In addition, in such a situation a person opens a good view of the workpiece.

selection of quality miter saw

correct choice of blade depends on its application.For home use, you can consider buying a simple modification.This extensive functional part is not so important.In another situation with professionals in the field of construction.In this case, you must look closely to a totally different model.

power miter saw should be no less than 1800 watts.In addition, attention should be paid to housing.With it you can safely operate the device without risk to health.Another detail is the dimensions of the device.Large and heavy miter saws can have a good performance, but they are absolutely comfortable to use.

If a person plans to work continuously for a long time, you should choose a compact model.This also takes into account ergonomic saws.The handle should be comfortable, and the workplace should be clearly visible.The last thing the buyer should pay attention to the disk device.Basically it is selected based on the diameter.Valid is the figure of 20 cm.

Saw "Metabo KS 216M"

Power consumption this miter saw with wire "Metabo" has as many as 1.3 kW.The frequency of idling is 5000 rpm.The diameter of the blade - 216 by 30 cm, which is quite comfortable.Depth of cut at an angle of 90 degrees is 60 mm, while decreasing the angle of 45 degrees to the depth decreases to 45 mm.The maximum cutting height is 120 mm.Adjusting the bevel angle in this model is provided.

Additionally, it is possible to control the inclination of the device.Dimensions of the miter saw quite acceptable.Length is 475 mm, the height - 465 mm and depth - just 285 mm.The mass of the device is 9.4 kg.These miter saws have a price in the region of 6,400 rubles.

What is the difference miter saw "4-430 Corvette?"

Mitre Saw "Corvette" has a good indicator of the cut piece.Power supply comes from the 220 V mains power commutator motor is 1800 watts.The disk has a diameter of 255 mm.Produced he tipped.Size planting disc is 30 mm.Moreover, its thickness is 2.8 mm.Directly on the disc is 40 teeth.The spindle has a diameter of 16 mm.

Additionally, manufacturers have taken care of the pipe, which is required to connect Chip.In this model, its size is 37 mm.Outside the cross-cut is 75 to 430 mm.Rotation of the barrel during operation can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees.The slope of the saw blade is also set within the range from 0 to 45 degrees.Transfer of the pattern is set in a rack.Oblique cut at 45 degrees is 75 to 305 mm.When the rotational speed of the engine reaches a maximum of 4800 rpm.

Transport dimensions of the miter saw is quite impressive.Its length is 830 mm, height - 520 mm, and the depth - as much as 415 mm.The mass of the device is 21 kg.In addition, it should be noted the good performance of the longitudinal stroke.More manufacturers have taken care of high-quality table extension.Replacing carbon brushes happens pretty quickly.In general, this miter saw has good reviews.The cost of it on the market is about 9,500 rubles.

Saw "Makita LH1040"

consumes power miter saw this combination is 1.6 kW.When this voltage is at around 230 V. The frequency, in turn, is equal to 50 Hz.At idle minute drive makes 2800 revolutions.The diameter of the blade - 260 30 cm.

At an angle of 90 degrees cutting depth is 130 mm.In addition, it is possible to connect pyleudalitel.Depth of cut workpiece at an angle of 45 degrees is 85 mm.The total weight of this combination miter saw "Makita LH1040" is only 14 kg.Its market price is 15,000 rubles.

new model "Makita MLS100"

This miter saw with wire is able to boast a fairly robust design.The accuracy of cutting is very high.Outside bevel is approximately 0.2 mm.Horizontally, this miter saw with wire is able to rotate 45 degrees.Thus there is a clear opportunity to fix the workpiece in position.

The vertical inclination of the saw is 45 degrees.There is also a possibility of a sharp deceleration of the motor.This system is equipped with special safety switch.To adjust the depth of cut is provided screw.

Connect miter saw to a vacuum cleaner is quite simple.Carbide saw blade diameter of 255 mm.Power consumption of the device - 1.5 kW.The index is equal to the voltage of 230 A, a standard frequency of 50 Hz.The thickness of the blade is 30 mm.At idle for a minute he is capable of doing more than 4000 rpm.Cutting depth at 90 degrees is equal to 130 mm.The total weight of the device is 14.7 kg.These miter saws have a price in the region of 14,000 rubles.

Mitre Saw on metal "Makita 2414NB"

This model is best suited for working with metal workpieces.At the same time it is able to boast accurate cutting.Most often this miter saw is used to cut the cast profiles.At the same time it has the opportunity to work with non-ferrous metals and steel.Spindle lock provided by the manufacturer.Replacing the grinding wheel is very quick and easy.

casing is made pretty quality, so while the health risk is not.This is largely due to the unique shape of the housing.Carved from man disk closed on all sides.Additionally there is quick-action device.It is infinitely variable adjustment.Wherein the cutting angle can be varied from 15 to 25 degrees.The handle is supplied in the kit built.Overall, the model is very easy to transport.

Model "Makita LS1018L 6400"

This miter saw with wire produced with laser marking suspension.The handle has a good shape and in a fairly convenient successful fellow.Manufacturers produce them completely rubberized.With this disc is very easy to control in any position.

The inclination angle of the miter saw in a horizontal plane is 45 degrees.Power consumption of the device is equal to 1.4 kW.Tension is at around 230 V. The frequency of exactly 50 Hz models.In addition, it should be noted a good idle speed.One minute drive performs more than 4,000 rpm.The diameter of the blade is 255 to 260 mm.The ability to connect

pyleudalitel available.The total weight of the model is 19.9 kg.Device for fixing the cutting depth is provided.Also, manufacturers have taken care of the security system.To this end, they have established a high quality housing.The cost of this model on the market is 22,000 rubles.In general, this model can be described as universal.It is perfect for both large enterprises and small workshops.