Decor bathroom with their hands

No one can deny the obvious: the morning begins with a visit to the bathroom.Here we get an energy boost from an invigorating shower.And it is here ends our day - we take a relaxing bath in aromatic oils and foam.But how often do we pay attention to bathroom decor?Hardly ever, considering that she just created for it to brush your teeth and wash my face, and nothing is to you it is definitely not.And it is a serious mistake.After all, how attractive bathroom looks depends on what is your mood for the day.So how do you create this unique bathroom décor with their hands?

pleasing the eye - off all unnecessary

the perfect solution for any bathroom become decorative screens, which are mounted directly under the tub or sink and hide all unnecessary.It is in this room, we'll keep powders, household chemicals and other much-needed, but not always aesthetically pleasing things.A rich color palette allows screens perfectly decorate this area, while maintaining its functionality and adding a bit of charm and

glamor.In addition, they remarkably fit into any bathroom interior.

bathroom decor: fines and towels

All women buying cosmetics, store it in the bathroom.And the shelves will soon begin to resemble shopping rack.Perfect for ladies stuff the original containers, which are made in the same style.All remain in the same place, but the appearance of the bathroom will be transformed.And the towels, which we see not only we, but also all of our guests?They must also be beautiful and original.It is desirable that the entire set had similar decor or even color.And let it be bright, then the mood of each day will be sunny.

play a little

As you decor bathroom in marine style?Great!Then start: take a lot of shells - from the smallest to such large, what we find.Aqua blue tile is laid on walls.Decorate the tub and sink panels with images of marine life.Shells can be expanded everywhere: on the shelf for small things on the sink, around the bathtub, above all, to create the illusion of being on the sea coast.Towels and robes in sandy tones only help in creating a style.

small bathroom decor: photos and tips

Normally, when the area does not allow, instead of a bath give it a shower.It takes up little space, but looks poor.How to rectify the situation?You can install the glass door, which will not only shine, but merge with the interior, it becomes invisible.Built-in cabinets will add a room comfort and do not reduce the area of ​​the bathroom.And everything else that is suitable for standard rooms, good for a small.

What about the sex?

Traditionally used for floor tiles in the bathroom.But she is always cold and rather uncomfortable.Because a great addition to the design will be a small furry rug on the floor.It will give the room an extra charm and comfort.


independently perform decor bathrooms (photos in fashion magazines to help you) is quite simple.Only need to show imagination and sense of proportion.And then all you get.