The idea for the bathroom: practical tips

Purpose bathroom known to all, but now it is not just a functional room for personal hygiene, and its design requires design ideas, not less interesting than in any other room equipment.Good idea for the bathroom, taking into account the limited budget and a small area - in practice, is not such a simple matter.In such a situation the question of design becomes secondary.The first thing to pay attention to comfort and efficiency.


Any idea for the bathroom starts with a threshold, so initially you need to find the right door.Usually the owners not much dwell on this and give it to the bathroom ordinary interior doors, but this approach is not entirely correct.Given the specific indoor climate, the material must be moistureproof.This requirement excludes the possibility of installing a wooden door.But glass and plastic doors have good water-proofing and are ideal for the bathroom.


qualitative airing wet areas - a prerequisite.Therefore, passive ventilation should be increased by

installing a special exhaust fans, which will be included with the light in the room.This will help keep the unit in operation longer than normal, moreover, it will not be in vain make noise.For this purpose, does not need a fan with a big performance, but the moisture sensor and the air temperature will not be superfluous, it is fitted with the device will be switched on as needed.


Every idea for a bathroom towel warmer involves the installation.Despite the name of this device, drying towels - it is a secondary function.Its main purpose - to maintain a constant temperature in the room, so that will not be mapped excess moisture.Simultaneous towel warmer and ventilation create a healthy atmosphere in the room.

shower and tub

The reality is that the idea for the bathroom with a shower, which is put in order to save space, and not so much successful.In fact, it is quite expensive and bulky construction of complex engineering structures, and accessories, as well as an economical cabin is poor.The failure of this design due to the fact that an adult will be there a great physique cramped and uncomfortable.Therefore, considering ideas for a small bathroom, it is necessary to give preference to shower enclosures.In this case, you can install either the bathroom or the pallet, based on the preferences of households.

Organization functional space

Bathroom big quadrature - our apartment is something out of science fiction.It is clear that in a spacious room to easily accommodate all your furniture and sanitary ware.Whether business ideas bathroom in the Khrushchev.Here is all you need to think carefully.An alternative cupboards and cabinets can be shallow hanging lockers and shelves, place for bathroom also should be used wisely, for it is useful to a special screen with shelves and sliding doors.Instead of the standard washbasin on the leg is better to take a small "Moidodyr."