The idea for the balcony, or how not to will spam the useful area

in understanding the many balconies of the apartment owners need to dry clothes and put all sorts of things not found in the apartment itself.But in fact, even a tiny balcony can become a useful functional area.There are plenty of options to convert these few square meters, and the idea for the balcony can be the most unexpected.For example, to make it personal cabinet or an open kitchen.

Here are some ideas for decorating the balcony, through which it can become a highlight of the whole apartment.

Blooming greenhouse

Perhaps the most effective option - a room with lots of flowering plants.Even if not glazed balcony, turn it into a greenhouse is possible during the warmer months.To do this, choose the style pots, transplant flowers and arrange them on the floor and windowsill.Designers offer ideas for a small balcony with various pots and hanging pots to make as much space on the floor and thus give the opportunity to place some pieces of furniture for evening get-togethers.

My account

unwise to neglect even the smallest balcony, because in the right hands it can turn into a home office or a place for crafts.Of course, the insulation in this case necessarily, but for those who work at home, this space can be a lifesaver.Even taking into account the fact that the furniture for the working area have to make to order, it will cost not as expensive as a standard computer desk.But the space of the living area of ​​the apartment a little unloaded from computers, sewing machines and other equipment.

place to relax

great idea for balcony - make of this little square hookah or tea room, a balcony and lovers of reading library will appeal.Alternatively, you can build a small dining room, where it will be easy to create a romantic atmosphere, but if there is to put a small sofa or settee, then leaves the room with an extra bed.

general formatting tips

separate item in the design of the balcony will be furnished.Leading positions now occupy wicker tables and chairs, but the plastic is almost walked away.To narrow balcony good use of collapsible furniture, and the ideal option would be the furniture, then it will become clear in the allotted place for it.

choosing, what better idea for balcony, consider that it should be glazed and warm, otherwise many pans have to give up and use the balcony only in the warmer months.

about global trends balcony

Progress rushes forward, increasingly improving our way of life.It applies to all areas.No exception and customary balcony.

  • Just amazing idea for balcony was proposed by German developers.Its essence is that Autolifts raises the car to a certain floor and balcony serves as a parking lot.This idea was realized in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt.
  • balconies in high-rise buildings from high-strength glass is breathtaking, excellent value at this construction will long remain in the memory.One of these terraces has found its place on the 103rd floor of the skyscraper in Chicago.