Wallpaper in the living room.

living has always been the main place for each apartment, so it all has to be perfect.Ask why it is so?And because it is in it you take visitors and collect his family.So, about the interior and its decoration is worth considering seriously.There should prevail atmosphere, and is located to the quiet family evenings, and a noisy party with friends.To help in the creation of such sentiments often come living wallpaper.How do they choose the right, to the room was cozy and quiet and are located in the fun at the same time?

What should be the wallpaper in the living room?In the interior are no trifles

Based purpose living room, it can be concluded that the wallpaper should be practical and tend to accumulate grease.But it does not mean that the whole room should be dark seal the trellis.Hence, it is necessary to opt for a neutral wallpaper.The second point that must be consid

ered is the environmental wallpaper.They have to breathe, and not accumulate a dust and germs.Another point that must be considered, pasting wallpaper in the living room: the interior is important to everyone, especially the way the walls will look after the summer sun.So, they have to be resistant to fading.Therefore, the best option for this bright, sunny and rather large room will be non-woven or liquid, but not paper wallpaper.

color and pattern - it is very important

gentle and unobtrusive, comfortable and fun - this should be the interior of the living room.Wallpapers in this issue are very important.It is they who set the style and design of the room to bring their special flair.So, if the room is big and bright, the wallpaper, you can select any color that you like.But for a small living room should choose bright colors that make it more spacious and high, at least visually.The same rule applies to drawing.In a small room it is not necessary to hang wallpaper with a large figure, but small and sparse pattern visually make it a lot more.However, today the designers recommend choosing the tapestry of bright and saturated colors that create a joyful mood sunny.But do not hold to, it is better to choose the wallpaper in the living room combined.They will create the right atmosphere and not be weary.

Which wallpaper will be the best option for the living room?

Today, building market can offer a huge range of various kinds of wallpaper.What do you choose not to make a mistake?Let's start from the beginning.Will be a bad option paper variety.Bad in every way - they are thin and can not hide even small defects in the walls, and in addition, drawing on them to pick up extremely difficult.Manufacturers are not particularly try to spend time and money to produce such a cheap product.But the best option would be non-woven or vinyl wallpaper in the living room.In the interior, they look great.In addition, they do not fade and are not afraid of moisture.

New items for interior room

Not so long ago went on sale fabric and bamboo wallpaper.Today they are the most environmentally friendly, durable and incredibly beautiful.However, the latest version of the wallpaper should be used only to highlight any area of ​​the room.


So the wallpaper in the living room, in the interior of which everything must be perfect, require a specific approach.Especially important is their texture and color.Then the room would be really the most important and beautiful in your home.