The interiors of country houses in Provence style - elegance and simplicity on a background of nature

interior, creating a rustic atmosphere, perfectly suited for a country house.After all, the surrounding nature, a measured quiet life require appropriate decorations.The interiors of country houses in the style of Provence - it is not copying the French rural life, and an attempt to create a special color: bright, warm, sunny, very fragrant and home, which represents the south of France.Disposition of a country house, its arrangement suggest the presence of a public or private verandas overgrown with ivy and grapes, glass doors that open up access to the flower-filled garden, a fireplace, which is so cozy to spend the evening.Unlike urban apartments, which dominates the functionality and practicality, in a country house decoration play an important role natural materials: stone, wood, plaster.They are very fit harmoniously into the overall flavor.

interiors of country houses in the style of Provence complement ceramic terracotta pots with blooming geraniums, placed on the stairs and on the outdoor ter

race, bunches of dried aromatic herbs, hanging from the ceiling porch, wicker furniture on the lawn delicate, wrought-iron bench with legs.

As already noted, in interior decoration in the style of Provence are using natural materials.The floor is covered with wooden planks or matt ceramic tiles, natural natural colors.For the walls use light paper wallpaper with small bouquets of flowers, as well as using a white decorative plaster, creating an uneven, rough surface.The interiors of country houses in the style of Provence decorated with wood-beamed ceilings, so harmonious and understandable in such an atmosphere, which often specifically emphasize the contrasting dark color, stand out from the white ceiling.Vivid contrasts in these interiors are not welcome, the color palette is chosen environment, usually in cream, pale yellow, light blue paint - they are classic for this style.However, it is reasonable to emphasize the beautiful structure of wood, such as on the floor, a dark color.

As for furniture and other interior items, preference is also given to natural wood, ceramics and wrought iron.A little rough, deliberately rustic furniture decorate the painting, simple and unpretentious, very attractive and cute, or decoupage.Furniture is often painted in white, light blue or light pistachio color or texture of light wood left, while using different techniques aging - artificial abrasions, shcherbinki, wormholes, half-erased gilding, krakelyurnye cracks.

The interiors of country houses in the style of Provence are very fit harmoniously into living plants in pots with lush flowers hats, bouquets of wildflowers and plants on the table.The windows are decorated with colorful cotton fabrics, table - thin linen tablecloths with lace and embroidery.On open shelves, wooden shelving unit are arranged small home furnishings handmade basket filled with dried flowers, jewelry boxes.

Styles Interior country-house, as well as a city apartment, no doubt, have to meet the demands of the home.The alien environment is impossible to feel comfortable.This is especially true space designed for rest and relaxation.The interior design of a country house (photo shown) in this style is versatile enough and like no other meets the unhurried flow of village life, giving opportunity to fully escape from the city.