The design and zoning of the room for parents and child

huge number of families with children live in one-room flats, and in such living conditions is very difficult to divide the space so that each had his own area.Zoning rooms for parents and children - the problem, of course, difficult, but doable.Its main principle - the division of space in the area for adult and child.

Children's corner should be located away from the door, as the children go to bed early and get up later than their parents.For the same reason the kitchen is better to put a good thick door to taking guests in the evenings, you can safely conduct interviews.

division of space

Zoning room for the parents and child can be done in several ways:

  • sliding doors.This option is most practical zoning.Translucent door in an open position even divide the room into two different spaces.This option will work well if the child has a rather big and requires a closed private corner.
  • Curtain.Zoning of the room for a child in such element, if necessary, can join the room together, for example,
    for any family celebration.
  • Plasterboard walls and arches - a perfect private space to isolate a teenager in a studio apartment.
  • Multilevel ceilings and raised floors.Option this zoning approach, when a child is very young, and at all times must be in plain sight.
  • Placement of furniture.Bookcase, bookcase or cabinet will be a good space for the student abroad.Zoning of the room for the parents and the child with the help of furniture, which will be a kind of barrier, in terms of functionality - the best option.

Zone Adult

From the large double bed is better to give, it will not be as functional as a sofa, where you can simply sit down to watch TV and receive guests, and saved a place you can put a stand or a coffee table.Divan niche is also useful for storing things.The wall opposite the sofa can be filled with narrow, hanging shelves and, of course, the plasma panel.

area children

bed in the children's part of the room is required as well as the workplace, so it's best to choose a compact furniture that takes up little space and can accommodate a whole.This can be a two-storey structure, which is located on the second floor of the bed and on the ground - table and cupboard.

Tips on planning and design

define the boundaries of space, zoning rooms for parents and child can emphasize color scheme.Let the parent of the room will be reserved in bright colors, but the best part of the baby is filled with bright colorful drawings.As for the finish for older children, it is better to listen to the wishes of the owner of a children's area, so he felt comfortable there.

To properly plan the space, it is not necessary to dwell on one idea, it is better to consider different ideas zoning room, photos of such planning will help determine the choice.