Wallpaper for painting the interior.

wallpaper - a material at all times and for any style of decoration of the room in the house.But sometimes their choices are so complex that it seems much easier to paint the walls and forget.Here at this point and it is worth considering how to buy wallpaper for painting.The interior of any room they look nice and organically.And if a couple of years there is a desire to change a little room, it will be enough to repaint them in another color - that the repair is completed.But it is better in order.

Types wallpaper

Typically, this material has a textured surface, which creates pictures by staining.These wallpapers can give originality to any interior and add charm and style that did not exist previously.But there are also smooth paintable wallpaper.They give a true space of imagination in the decoration of rooms.Today, there are three types of wallpapers: paper, non-woven and glass fiber.All of them are made from different materials, but they have in common the ability to withstand up to five stain


Pros and cons

Paper wallpaper the most reasonable price.They have quite a high density that allows you to hide minor imperfections of the walls, but at the same time they are impregnated with water-repellent coating.These wallpaper paste can be not only the walls, but the ceiling.However, they have a significant drawback - quickly get wet and therefore can break.When pasting the walls of the work should be carried out as quickly as possible.Non-woven stronger.Density have almost more than paper.And due to its establishment, they are even able to strengthen the walls and prevent them from cracking.Yes, and in the material much easier - promazyvat own wallpaper glue do not need.It is enough to apply glue to the wall and can be glued.Glass fiber - strong, can withstand washing with a mild detergent.When combined with a paper substrate may provide a unique embossed.And most recently, recently appeared on the market view - vinyl wallpaper for painting.They may have a paper or non-woven backing.At the same time this kind of wallpaper is very durable and resistant to abrasion and contamination.Because they can be pasted even in the kitchen.

Wallpaper for painting the interior

This option finishing the interior is able to make their own adjustments to any interior.After all, the walls can make absolutely any color, and then you can change it, thereby making a note of freshness and novelty.Dye these wallpapers can be different ways.One - apply paint only to an upper textured layer.This allows you to highlight the depth of the structure and to emphasize the wallpaper.This wall decoration is much nicer than just a flat surface.But do not write off the smooth paintable wallpaper.The interior of the room, if pokoldovat, they will look real masterpiece.For example, paint the wallpaper in soft muted tone and using stencils for painting, apply a bright picture.This design will make your room is not just a bright and interesting, but also unique.Figures for such a finish as standard with bright colors and usually stand on the wall.For the child in this case, you can select a picture of Winnie the Pooh and the Tigers, they are very funny and able to bring a touch of joy in the kid's room.


paintable wallpaper in any room are organic and essential attribute.For only they can make any design for a truly unique and unique.