The new country or rustic style in the interior

first started talking about this style in the times of the ancient Greeks.Rustico called rough stone facing of the lower floors of the building, which created the illusion of massiveness and strength of the entire structure.Today, rustic style is once again becoming popular.He seemed to contradict all unnatural dominance in the design of our houses and apartments.

What characterizes this area

Quite often you may encounter with the view that rustic style - it is the same as the country.But in fact this is not true.Rustica - this is the most blatant and brutal representation of provincial style.While the country appears a such subtle and refined interior, with an abundance of items and handmade delicate flowers, rustic style interior has excessive simplicity and rudeness.The rooms, designed in a RUSTIC like atmosphere of neglect, has passed through the centuries.It all seemed done in a hurry.If it is a stone, it will almost certainly rude and uncouth.Wood is used only thick and necessarily an antique,

fabric - only burlap.And if you find a painted surface, they will have a lot of chips and cracks.House in rustic style can be found in the villages of the Mediterranean, North America and Russia.But still, it's just an imitation of negligence, the desire to create a space where there is no place around the inanimate.

rustic style in the design of their own home

Make your house or apartment with rustic elements is quite easy.Here are the highlights.Flooring must necessarily be natural.This can be a board or a stone imitation.In no case Do not lay laminate, carpet or linoleum - they are simply out of place in this style.You can apply for granite tiles, lay carpet handmade.Animal skins, too, would be appropriate, but not everyone will understand.

walls and ceiling

In no case do not use wallpaper for the walls.It is not necessary to use the tree, even if it is a tough and heavily aged.At the same time, massive beams in the ceiling perfectly fit into the interior rustic.Walls is better to finish a rough plaster, using artificial or natural stone decor.

situation rooms

rustic rejects furniture and refined details.Because it should give preference to crude and heavy objects made of wood or metal that seemed to suggest that hands are made artisan.If you can not do without upholstered furniture, choose the one that is decorated with wood paneling and the material looks very similar to burlap.Lighting is better to choose wrought iron or metal.No porcelain and crystal chandeliers and lamps.


And finally, note: do not be afraid that in the end everything will be like a pile of junk.If you have a taste, the rustic style will make your home warm and cozy.Yes, even such a situation can be cute and unique home for each family member.