Making bedrooms.

What is the most favorite place in the house?Kitchen?Bathroom?Living room?Perhaps, after all, a bedroom.That's where people spend most of their time, though, and during sleep.Making bedrooms can be left to professionals, but you can create a unique interior themselves, as they say, from scratch, to show imagination, creativity.All the more so on their own easier to translate dreams into reality.

Since the priority areas - is to ensure a comfortable stay, the bedrooms and registration begins with the selection of appropriate color combinations.Aggressive color may be included in the design, but only in the decorative element.So, the whole room can be carried out in a classic white and bright element will bedspreads and upholstery chairs.Juicy curtains also give the room warmth and lightheartedness.Actually it is most often in the bedrooms of young couples, who are often neglected classics.Although some spouses, being already advanced age, boldly experimenting with design.

Here are some design option

s for the bedroom:

  • "black and white film";
  • classical perfection;
  • bright simple.

In addition, for the latter (Photo №3) do not necessarily have the ocean outside.With this ace wallpapers, which are now a huge number of stores.Many psychologists insist that the color scheme for the sleeping area should be just soft shades, yet all this is subjective.There are people who design and has classic-style not only enjoy, but also gives them the boredom.

«Black-and-white movie" - a bold and original solution for those looking for peace and quiet, while keeping a clear order.Typically, this style is preferred by those who in the life of all shares on the clear color without taking halftones.It looks spectacular, expensive and stylish.

Even classic bedroom in pastel colors is possible to make a fun and cheerful.Suffice it to call for help imagination.For example, you can hang colorful mural over the bed.It will not irritate your eyes in the morning and before bedtime, while adding color to the room.Feel free to experiment!Design your bedroom - in your hands.With a little effort and imagination, you can achieve incredible results.

Making children's bedrooms does not tolerate boredom.Children mobile, active and have an inexhaustible imagination, regardless of age.To select a design for a child's room should be, first and foremost, in accordance with the age range, gender and the desire of the child.Even the notorious is better to choose wallpaper, drawing process son or daughter.Relaxing a room them.Do not be afraid of brightness.She does not tire the child, rather, even breathe into it even more energy.But the design of the bedrooms in this case, does not imply a lack of a sense of proportion: combine bright with simple and boring - with a cheerful.Ideally, if you can visually divide the room into color zones, where each area will perform its function, and will be issued in several schemes, successfully and in harmony with each other.

Do not be afraid of colors in the interior of the bedroom.Try, consider different options, looking for your ideal place to sleep.