We make interior lilac

When using lilac color for decoration of rooms is to be extremely careful.He and his fellow purple and its shades, is able to give the room being too cold and create a tense atmosphere.But only if it is wrong to use.For example, if you combine a delicate lilac color in the interior of the living room with all the warm but muted tones, we get quite cozy, sensual, and to what extent the room air.But if you dilute the moody shade of saturated and bright colors, we get a design full of power and dynamics.

Interior lilac: how to combine style and tone?

As for the combination of your interior design and colors mentioned, there is quite worrying unnecessarily.Lilac fits perfectly into any room design.For example, in a classical style harmonious couple this gentle, pastel tone make all shades of white - from milk to cream.And you can choose his accompaniment of colors like pink, lemon, blue - they emphasize the purity and beauty of lilac.If your home is decorated in a vintage style, the game is welcome shade

.So, we can safely combine several shades of purple - they harmonize with each other.However, it is worth remembering that in the case of textiles and walls should be light, and the furniture - dark.

Interior lilac: for some rooms it is an ideal?

This shade is perfect for small room design.He will not visually make it even less, but rather the opposite - help expand the space.At the same time, not for each room you can pick up purple.The interior of the bedroom it is appropriate, as will play the role of such "soothing" - to relax, to give peace of mind and relieve stress.But the issue in the living room this color can be used only when it is not a place for noisy parties.Otherwise, fun will not work - guests can sleep.This, of course, a joke.Yet it is not necessary to experiment - too quiet lilac color is clearly not for the living room.

interior in purple.The combination of green

Today, in our homes, we are unlikely to meet the combination of lilac and green.It is believed that they do not fit together.But this is not true.In the west, a "tandem" has long been at the height of fashion, and widely used in interior design.If you want to experiment, then do one of the background color, and the second - a more intense - use at the decor.The combination is really wonderful!

Lilac and brown

This combination of colors is typical of Art Deco.Basically, all the same will be the color of chocolate, and items may have a magenta tone.Viewed color will set off the dark tones and look just gorgeous, especially when combined with the finish of gold or silver.


This version, oddly enough, is also quite relevant.But it is worth remembering that there should not present any other colors.Lilac - as the foundation, and yellow - as a variant of the decor or atmosphere.But that's all you can afford.


As you can see, the interior in purple flowers can be arranged in several variations.He will always be interesting and unusual.But it should be very careful when combined with other colors and shades, and then all you get.