Provence style in the interior of the bedroom - a fashionable solution

Those who once were lucky to visit the south of France, in the province of Provence, will never forget the bright sun, clear, ringing like air, fabulous mountains.Unique flavor of olive oil and sweet honey - all of Provence!But for many, the name of this amazing region is not only a stunning nature, but also with a unique design style that has long crossed the boundaries of provinces and spread around the world.

The interior in the style of Provence, nothing annoying, does not cause strong emotions.And this is especially true colors.This style is characterized by soft warm tones.Colors should not create sharp differences.Provence style in the interior of the bedroom neat and simple.It is completely devoid of pretentiousness-brained.

bedroom interior in the style of Provence created around its main element - the bed.It can be wood or iron, as long as it was made in the retro style.It should be carved legs, the back is carried out any pattern.As a rule, it becomes an extension of the bed canopy, or c

anopy.He will emphasize the intimacy and the unique look of the bedroom.Bedding should be made exclusively from natural materials - cotton, chintz, linen, lawn.It is desirable that they were decorated with ruffles, embroidery and sewing.They should not be associated with luxury and comfort with the village.This is particularly appropriate in a small flower underwear.It will be interesting to look counterpane patchwork quilts or that is sewn from fabrics of different colors.The decoration of this bed will serve embroidered cushions.

Provence style in interior bedrooms involves the use of natural materials throughout.This applies to floors, walls, ceiling.The interior in the style of Provence, a photo which you can see in this article, is characterized by the presence of wood.Be sure to install the ceiling exposed wooden beams.They (as well as the entire ceiling) must be made of unpainted wood.A special role in the creation of this style of play wall.They should not be handled perfectly, on the contrary, they should be plastered with spaces, roughly.To do this often use the plaster with the effect of aging.Then you can paint the walls a bright floral patterns.

Provence style in the interior of the bedroom a distinctive attitude to design windows.Previously, they did not curtain.But now, in apartments with no curtains on the windows can not do.Therefore, in the bedroom in the style of Provence began to use air curtains or blinds with long folds on the floor made of natural fabrics in pastel colors.The doors to the bedroom should be a heavy, sturdy, imitating old.Paint should be light-colored paint scheme to match the main room.

Provence style in the interior of a bedroom is unthinkable without much furniture made of precious wood.It has to be functional and comfortable, but not overloaded with unnecessary decorative details.