Beautifully decorate your room: with their hands to create comfort in the bedroom

Any interior room gradual "wear out" and tired as favorite dress, which sooner or later cease to please us.In this case, it is supplemented with new parts, accessories that refreshes and renews overexposed, but still a favorite thing.Also, be sure to enter the interior of the room, adding to it with new details, new decor.So decorate your room with your own hands.There are many ways of transformation of interior, which do not require large investments.For example, the replacement of textiles, change color of the walls, the addition of new design decorative elements, live plants, paintings and photographs.

decorate your room with your own hands, changing the color of the walls.In this case, it is not necessary to completely change the wallpaper or repaint the walls.It will be enough to update just one of them, say, the one which stands near a sofa or bed, picked up for that paint or wallpaper dark saturated colors, contrasting with the overall color scheme of the room.For color selection possible at le

ast two options: if the walls in the room plain, then a color accent, choose wallpaper with a large pattern bright, well to choose plain colored wallpaper.And how you can decorate your room color?Use as decor stencils or stickers, which are now very much in fashion.If you have the desire and artistic ability, we recommend one of the walls to paint with acrylic paints, depicting her floral designs or landscape, creating the future.Such a wall decorated with lights, live or artificial plants, which become part of the image of the landscape, creating volume and visualization.

decorate your room with your own hands with the help of textiles.Another simple way to change the interior of the bedroom - it is a new textile: bedspread, decorative pillows, curtains, covers for chairs and tables.New textile decoration of the room transforms it beyond recognition, and most importantly, it is a very good way to show their creative imagination.We select bright colorful fabric to a blank wall in their pattern must be present this tone.To complicate color effect fabric with a pattern combined with solid, creating a multi-layered structure.So, curtains made of fabric with a pattern complement lambrequins of the same color to color bedspread made plain valance and decorative pillows or bed cover several different colored fabrics.

decorate your room with your own hands with the help of pictures and photos.This is the easiest and least expensive way.For interior decoration use ready-made wallpapers, interesting reproductions, paintings and various modular own pictures.How to decorate a room pictures?There are several ways.Firstly, small pictures and the portraits are inserted in a frame and hung on the wall in a certain composition at eye level.Complementing their large mirror and original fixtures.Secondly, from your favorite photos make collages, iecollect and combine multiple images into a single frame, then place on the wall.Finally, as the decor of the room using wallpapers.Of these, creating panels, processing them in a frame and adding lighting, or simply glued on the wall in the form of a colorful decor, which essentially transforms the room.

There are many ways to decorate the room without major alterations and repairs long.Each of them will help us to change the mood of the room, and with it our own.