The combination of colors in the design.

Even old apartment could be transformed if the right to change its design.Always bored monotony, you want something new and unusual.The easiest way to do it, having a little redecorating the house.The only thing that would require - is to know what combination of colors in the design you prefer.This is the basis from which you have derived all the subsequent issues.


most visited place after the bathroom - this is probably where people eat.What combination of colors in the design of the perfect kitchen?First of all, the one that you like best.It should be remembered that there is color, is contraindicated for the kitchen.So, red stimulates the appetite.If you've ever dreamed of to lose weight, include the color design is not necessary.In addition, he is very aggressive, in some cases even cause headaches.

to the kitchen was cozy, it definitely should be warm.Feel free to reject all the cool shades.If wonders style kitchen hi-tech, the metallic gleam soften the insert from the yellow, ora

nge, cream, ocher.This visually balance the ratio of cold and warm interior.

If we talk about the classical cuisine, the pastel colors make it soft, comfortable and pleasant to the eye.It allowed the combination of colors in the design and muted and bright.Let the whole kitchen will be one of the classical juicy spot attracts the eye.It could be a picture, vase or curtain.Overly soft forge brings sleep, yawn and relaxation.And for the food is not always appropriate.Shades of green give the room a certain naturalness.It is not desirable to use too dark color.Let it be bright shades of emerald green or light green.


color combination in the interior design of the sleeping rooms should be unobtrusive.The main function of a bedroom - sleep, rest and relaxation.It is not appropriate bright colors, aggressive tones.Nothing must annoy and push glance.Maximum fit all warm and soft colors, pastel tones and semitones.However, there is a category of people, which is not life without bright colors.They can advise a combination of rich colors with soft.For example, one wall can be as vivid murals, and the rest - pastel and unobtrusive.This killed two birds: the eye is where rest the soul - to rejoice.


combination of colors in the design can be any child, according to age and sex of the child.Even the most bold and bright colors do not tire the children, and only give energy.It is important, choosing the colors, keep a neutral space in the room.Those where the child will be able to relax from the paint.For example, furniture can be juicy, bright, as well as flooring.At the same time the walls and floor should be neutral - white or gray.Thus, the room will not put pressure on the child, remaining cheerful and bright.

Whatever combination of colors in the design you choose, always imagine in advance how much time you can spend in the room conceived color.Remember that cool colors in the bathroom, toilet and corridor.Let the heat in your house, to choose the right colors for the interior.