What Is a country-style kitchen

Country style - it's the atmosphere of peace and tranquility.It is a symbol of closeness to nature, to its roots.This is an opportunity to dissociate itself from the wild bustle of the modern metropolis and immerse yourself in the ringing silence of the village.The silence, which we are lacking, not only in our homes but also in city parks and squares.

kitchen in country style is characterized by simplicity and functionality.Decorative elements that adorn it, are descended from ancient objects of rural life.The very way of life in which every thing was not only its purpose, but also your soul.What can not be said about modern multifunctional devices, which since the kitchen today.

Choosing as the stylistic concept for the interior of your kitchen country style, you should carefully consider the interoperability and compatibility of all the functional elements of kitchen furniture and decor.
Do not use the bright, flashy colors and causes.They are not inherent in a country style.Also worth a respons

ible approach to the choice of finishing materials.No vinyl wallpaper or panels of plastic.Masonry, natural stone and aged wood.

Combining these materials with the usual whitewash, you are sure to reach the desired result.The decoration of the walls is best to use materials that are characterized by bright colors.It may be light olive, milk, beige or pale blue.
as a floor covering can be applied ceramic, laminate or tile, drawing on that mimic natural materials.
Kitchen furniture is best made of veneered or solid wood materials.In the timber market is now quite a selection that will choose for your kitchen, the material which is most suitable.

In this case, when selecting the raw material for furniture you definitely need to answer the important question.Would you like to have your furniture was part of a monolithic color scale with the rest of the interior, or as it became the highlight of this cozy room.
If you choose the second option, the best way to allocate the rest of the furniture in the interior - to make it a different color.Perhaps it will be more light on a dark background.Or you want to make myself a lighter background.And already the furniture will be on a darker tone.As in the old medieval castles of the United Kingdom.

order to arrange the room in dark colors can be used walnut, oak or mahogany.Light colors can be produced using pine, maple or beech.
furniture should be as simple as possible.Facades can be decorated with carvings unpretentious, in some cases, deliberately rough.Your furniture set can wear out even specifically - modern production technologies permit.

As details of the interior in the kitchen in the style of country music can be used undyed homespun linen tablecloths, white-washed by old technology.It is appropriate to also be a variety of knitted rugs, painted dishes and pottery.

On windows you can hang curtains with embroidery in a rustic style.The space is filled windowsills great pots of flowers and climbing plants.
But do not forget about their own convenience.Inside the stylish beauty of all this it is very well possible to place the most modern kitchen appliances, which will be hidden from the prying eyes of the simple wooden facades.Obtain such a fusion of old and new.
As a result, you get a country-style kitchen, which will be comfortable to work and relax comfortably.