Ideas for the interior: a combination of wallpaper in the hall

On that first of all we pay attention, getting into the room?Of course, on the environment, the overall picture of the room and, of course, on the walls.A well-chosen wallpaper should create harmony in the room, set the tone and direction of the style of the interior, to create a kind of enveloping space, and at the same time combined with furniture, textiles and even lights.Color Wallpaper everyone chooses on the basis of taste preferences, but do not ignore the ability of color to influence the psychological state, because half of the walls of the room is always open, and that is what sets the mood.

To split the room into zones, or simply to decorate the spaces in the walls, you can use different options for combining wallpaper.In the hall, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen, you can draw walls, combining colors and textures of finishing materials.For example, the head of the bed, the wall, which is a TV, a work area in the kitchen and children's games will look a lot more attractive if they are

a different color or texture that is different from the main decoration.

This option of pasting the walls of different materials suitable for any room.Combining wallpaper in the hall can be accomplished in several ways

Vertical stripes

Alternate gluing contrasting bands of the same texture will give the room a special personality with an interesting visual effect.Just look combining excellent wallpaper in the hall with a combination of shades of one color family.It looks great!This combination of wallpaper in the hall create an original game straight shadows on the walls and thus give the interior dignity and grace.Interesting mix of polka dot wallpaper with stripes accentuate the retro style, as the inscriptions on the wallpaper will make a room cozy.Vertical combination of the wallpaper in the room, as well as in any other room, is made by gluing paintings butt, the latter may be wavy.

horizontal division walls

One of the most fashionable finishes with a combination has transverse lines in the form of panels or strips of different widths on the entire height of the wall.When wallpapering with horizontal joints is important to note that the boundary should be clearly died out not from the ceiling and the floor, because that's when it will be the same as the level of furniture.If the border does not exist or a border wall plinth, the joints are simply perfect binding, and that they bring, there is one obligatory rule: When sticking wallpaper superimposed overlapping, are coated with glue not place alignments, are exactly cut and reduce after the final drying of all paintings.

Upholstery inserts and panels

Suffice it interesting and considered combining fashionable wallpaper in the hall with frames of various shapes with modeling or just polyurethane border and corners.The principle of such combinations is very simple: the main wall pasted colored wallpaper or painted, and the frames are filled with colorful wallpaper.In this paper, too, there are no features, because all the joints are hidden frames.Despite the simplicity of the implementation of such ideas, the result is simply delicious.

Correctly chosen combination of wallpaper in the hall (photo such work will help determine the desired option) will create a special welcoming design that will delight not only the guests, but the owners of the house.It would seem that there is such wallpaper paste stripes or make a paste by selecting a niche or fill in the frame, but in fact in the capable hands of all these manipulations are able to align the space with disabilities.Huge room will never look empty if it is free of the walls are decorated with pictures of wallpaper, and low ceilings with vertical stripes on the walls will seem higher.