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How to make a bedroom?After all, this room should be as comfortable and cozy, enabling you to relax and forget about everything.In interior design there are a myriad of ways.We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic styles that may prompt you some ideas for the bedroom.


This design direction for sure today's youth can gain some ideas for the bedroom.Modern combines bold decisions, luxury materials and high technology.It can be everything or almost everything.The color range is wide.It looks great shades of burgundy, pink, purple, green, beige.Furniture should be soft contours, but its lines can be asymmetrical.The light is usually a rich but dim.Welcomed multilevel ceiling lights and a variety of lamps.Bedroom sets can be made of wood, decorated with intarsia or wrought iron designs.Textile complements the decor of the room.You can use free drapes and curtains in the wings with bows and tassels, as well as asymmetric SMAD.The central place is given to a bed with a wrought-iron hea

dboard.Its decoration is covered with a brocade pattern.

Art Deco

Ideas for the bedroom in this style will appeal to creative nature, seeking to experiment.It does not do a standard situation.Art Deco style - is the line between modern and classic monumentality and refinement.You can combine the wallpaper, place collages, interior stickers, photo printing, decorative painting.All this will give the bedroom a unique exclusive gloss.Art Deco - style pale muted tones.Ideas bedroom interior prompt soft rounded shapes.With the drywall can be built in a wall niche in the shape of an ellipse and place where modern TV.It will look great multilevel oval ceiling and a small podium, which will be located the bed or dresser.In finishing and decoration elements must be present luxury (silk drapes, parquet or imitating marble granite, floor, flat moldings, stucco).Thinking ideas for bedroom art deco, do not forget to use the technique of contrasts.Accessories and furniture should stand out from the finish.The main decoration of the bedroom is a bed with ornate headboard.Perfectly complement the interior of heavy curtains with gold tassels, picked up the mat with a long fleece, luxurious bedspread and pillows contrast.The ceiling should be large enough to hang a chandelier made of crystal or colored glass.Floor lamps and bedside lamps must repeat its shape.


from this style can be found bedroom design ideas, are practical and modern.The main rule of minimalism - not clutter the room.Therefore, instead of wardrobe is better to install a built-in, made of plasterboard.The central place of the bedroom, of course, is the bed.It should be fairly simple, no decorations and no frills.Instead of beds you can build a podium, equipping it a place to store and put on top of the mattress and other accessories.The walls and ceiling must necessarily be self-colored, without moldings and prints.In terms of color it is recommended to use the most basic colors: beige, white, gray, brown and black.The windows will look perfect blinds or roman shades.