Decorate the ceiling in the children's room

Creating a project of your future child, about the ceiling in the nursery need to think not last.Very often it can be a key element, the final image of the entire room or exclusively on it isolated.Let's see how to turn the decoration of the ceiling in the children's room in a real event for the adult and child.

Stretch ceiling

We begin immediately with the most fashionable trends of today - suspended ceilings.This technology allows you to use any image and create a perfectly smooth ceiling with minimal efforts.The advantage of this technology is still in the fact that any your idea come to life for a second.For example, the ceiling in the nursery will be easy with the clouds of the sky or the stars, it will be covered with bright colors or simple geometric patterns.The only thing you have to do so is to stick your finger in your favorite picture in the magazine.However, the pattern may be unique, if you create it yourself.In addition, a ceiling can be combined with multilevel ceiling plasterboa

rd.For example, you can order the construction of the whole ceiling with a circular depression in the middle.In the center is to use the suspended ceiling with a pattern.You can even make a wavy ceiling in this technique, to remind of the marine leisure.Here, perhaps, and all of the modern technologies.

general principles

Design ceiling in the children's room should not be too bright and tiring for the eyes.But he, too, white can be.You need to add bright spots, creativity, color.Avoid shades and gloomy, the ceiling must make the room lighter and rainbow.It can not be fragile, so no moldings or decorative plaster will not do.Any toy, flown away into the ceiling, must return without consequences.Well, if the ceiling is a dream of your child, even though they grow up so quickly changing, that you guess is unlikely to succeed.Repair ceiling again infrequent process, so do not try to bind it to some favorite cartoon characters, or characters.Idols go, but the ceiling remain.Otherwise you will have to repaint at least once a year.

His hands

If you do not want to spend money on the suspended ceiling in the nursery, you can easily pokreativit hands.Here are just a few examples.Today, it sells a variety of interior stickers.It may also be geometric shapes, and it is quite natural characters and animals.Select with the child update to his room.The ceiling in the children's room can be decorated with the help of a variety of suspensions.This can be a big bulky balls, snowflakes, cloud with rain, or a butterfly.This is another reason to make crafts with the child and to transform your interior.There is another original way to decorate the ceiling - it strung beneath thread.They can strengthen the colorful drawings, circles with bright elements or other suspensions.This is a very convenient solution for those who frequently change the design of the interior.

add color

In addition, you yourself can just paint the ceiling in any color.Or you can paint the stripes and stencils can add a bright ornament on the monochrome background.Can you ... Yes, you know, and the imagination of the child also tell you how to do the ceiling in the nursery the most unusual.