Airbrushing on the wall - a new trend in interior design

And once a person may try to decorate the house ... Usual finishes walls are no longer the original plan.After all, whatever the wallpaper, they can not be called and applied differently than it actually is.In search of an unusual population of the planet stayed long, and there was a new direction - the airbrush on the wall.

Airbrush is now a fairly common design options.Most often, it can be seen on cars - are bright and colorful pictures can not spoil the look in any case.However, airbrush on the walls in the apartment is not inferior to the beauty of the previous view of design.

Calling this trend simple repair their homes - just unforgivable blasphemy.Airbrushing on the wall - is primarily an art that can revive and reincarnate even the most boring room into the ultimate dream of almost everyone.And this work is very difficult and laborious, and everyone understood that to execute it only by true professionals.Though airbrushing on the wall is done using stencils, do not try to do it yourself.I

t is natural that such a pleasure not the cheapest, but the result will be worth it!Already many companies in every big city offer their services for the implementation of the plan.

Modern technology has leaped forward, so much easier and faster produced painting walls.Airbrushing is not made by hand, and with an airbrush, which literally means "air brush".It is therefore possible to reproduce the image on the surface of any complexity with the highest accuracy.It can be anything - from reproductions of famous artist up portrait of a loved one.

Naturally, the printing of the original picture must have absolutely smooth walls, so their finish should be done in advance.Quite often you can hear the companies offer a stretched canvas with airbrush pattern, but here there are some nuances.The fact that any microscopic tissue has villi, and if their color, while stretching the fabric can be seen NOT, white stripes.There is a solution - the use of color, which are subsequently fixed iron, but this process will take longer, and therefore more expensive.

Airbrushing on the wall - although the direction of the young, but very promising and rapidly developing.To date, offers a huge number of original colors, you will be able to pick up in the studio when you select the image.For example, a very popular use of simulators chromium, gold, pearl, etc.There are also more complex composite combinations, let's paint the chameleon, which when viewed from different angles will look different.The color change under the influence of different light also relates to this kind of paint.

latest fashion trend was 3D-drawing.The effect is simply stunning!And to do all this splendor from almost improvised material as special reliefs for that does not exist yet.