The design of the kitchen-living room.

Recently, we often solve the problem of small spaces most radical means, such as the union of two isolated spaces into one with the help of the demolition of the adjacent wall.As a rule, thereby connecting the kitchen and living room, resulting in a fairly large room with two windows, a loggia or balcony.The advantages of this alignment is to increase the area of ​​the room, it is a good light, as well as unimpeded communication housewife cooking food in the kitchen, with guests and household.There is in this association and cons.For example, odors, penetrating into the living room, as well as the excessive openness of the space, which prevents solitude when needed.Therefore, before resorting to such drastic alterations, must weigh the "pros" and "cons".

Design kitchen-living room - not an easy task.It is very important, firstly, to create a unified stylistic decision, harmonious color palette, and secondly, to highlight and emphasize the zones of different functional purpose by special design techn

iques.If our goal is a simple merger of two rooms, it may not be to demolish the wall separating them entirely.You can do it in a broad arch or build sliding glass partition.If the demolition of the walls of the main task is to increase the space of the living room by the kitchen, it would have to destroy completely, but instead build a small partition or decorative "portal" that will serve not only the separation "feature", but the rack, breakfast bar andt. e.

creating the design of the kitchen and living room together, distinguish between different functional areas, you can low podium on which to place a kitchen bay, or original design of the ceiling, slightly lowered in one area.Elaborate ceiling structure should be complemented by decorative lighting, which is also used for zoning space.In addition, visually divide the room to help correctly matched flooring.For example, in the living room it can be a parquet or carpet, and kitchen compartment - tiles.It is important that the color coating material harmoniously with each other, creating a contrast or a soft color transition.

central element in creating a kitchen design, living room, it can become a big round, rectangular or oval table unusual design, made to order.Let its dimensions are large enough so that it not only fulfilled its intended purpose, but also shared a room for two.

designing the design of the kitchen-living room, it is important to consider that in spite of the association, each of these rooms has its own specific function prescribed.Therefore, living in the area be sure to arrange a soft corner for rest, set the TV, stereo, and so on. D. Do not forget about proper lighting.Thus, the design of the kitchen-living involves many different light sources at different locations.In a recreation area on the nightstand beside the couch low set of floor lamps with large shades, soft light scattering.Above the desk hung a large chandelier, a well illuminates the entire dining area (which, according to scientific data, increases appetite and enhances the taste of dishes).In a food compartment light sources are placed in the work area, directly above the table and stove.

The attractive small kitchen-living room?The design of this building, designed in the same style, creates a very cozy, chamber open space functionally convenient for communication and reception.