Classic eternal.

fashion glossy facades of modern kitchens, no doubt, beautiful and comfortable, but many, if not most, still prefer sweet, very cozy and warm classics, the kitchen creates a special family home atmosphere.The kitchen in the classical style, in spite of the usual forms of the eye, never get tired, will not seem boring and banal, because its elements are formed over the centuries.Every detail, every feature of the style of breathing time, the traditions and aesthetics of the home.

Kitchen interior in classical style in small spaces looks very advantageous, since the chamber creates a cozy atmosphere.The spacious kitchens as it appears in all its glory, splendor and respectability.Start creating kitchen interior in classic style, with furniture.

First of all, involves the use of classic natural wood or skillful imitation of him in the furniture fronts.Clearly emerges texture, matte warm colors, figure carved panels on the doors - all this is a tribute to the classical tradition.In addition to the usua

l very comfortable hanging cabinets and working surfaces, in this style using various open or glazed windows, cabinets for dishes, shelves and carved console, where the mistress puts different cooking utensils, a very decorate the interior, filling its special "home".The color of the furniture can be quite varied, from dark reddish brown to cream or pure white.The bright kitchen in classical style fills the room additional light, create the right impression on the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen space.Not only the massive carved wooden cabinets - a necessary attribute of the classics.Simple white furniture surfaces, flat and smooth, supplemented by other elements of decor, as well create a kitchen interior in classic style.

photo shows an example where aesthetics is framed by a large drawing symbolizing a home, and a large elegant chandeliers with crystal pendants.Hob with extractor hood above it in a classical setting often stylize a hearth or fireplace, embedding it in a niche that spread tiles with bright tiled pattern.Such insulation plates not only create additional decorative effect, but also to keep to nearby cabinets and a desk with soot and fatty plaque.It adorns the interior of the kitchen in a classic style so-called "island" - an element in the center of the room in which is embedded stove, desk with additional shelves and drawers, perhaps, bar and so on. D. Over the "island" is located hood with hanging hooks,on which hung shiny copper or steel pans and pots and baskets of flowers, fruit and vegetables, wine glasses in special holders.

Kitchen interior in classical style complemented by ceiling and wall lights and textiles in the form of covers on the chairs, embroidered or lace tablecloth and light light curtains on the windows.Shutters, if any, required to complete the fabric curtains or lambrequins with simple drapery.

walls decorate traditional materials - paint or wallpaper paste over a matte paint.As additional decorative effects using wall tiles made of artificial stone or simulate brickwork, as well as mural painting and Mural in the classical style.Depending on the selected color of the furniture and shade of the walls.By dark furniture groups suitable bright pastel colors, and a light or white - more saturated, bright.

Kitchen, resolved in a classic style, can now be found everywhere.They still are an indication of prosperity, solidity and respectability.