The picture in the bedroom: the most common questions when decorating the walls

What picture bedroom is best to choose?Which image is the perfect complement to the interior of the room, and which, on the contrary, will destroy all the harmony of the room?Let's try to answer the most common questions that arise when choosing pictures for the bedroom.Photo for the article have been specially selected to show how different can be the decoration of the walls with the help of pictures.

How to hang paintings and what size they should be?On this question there is no single answer, because there are many design options.The picture can be in the bedroom and a very large one - are usually hung in the headboard or on one of the side walls.

look very attractive linear composition of multiple images to one style or dual (triple) images.Quite interesting is the painting on the wall.Strictly speaking, this is not a picture, but a good design emphasizes the overall style of the room and sets the mood.

Where can reside the picture?In the bedroom, people come to relax, and when choosing a pl

ace for the decor not forget it.Of course, the most popular option is the headboard, but psychologists are not recommend this place to hang on large and heavy picture.The feeling of being above your head constantly hangs heavy and potentially dangerous object can deprive anyone of sleep.The rest you can safely rely on your taste.In addition, the picture can always move if the original location was not quite successful.

What subjects and what color should be a picture?In the bedroom, as a rule, pick a picture-accord which would duplicate the colors of the interior, picture-emphasis that will attract attention and sharply contrasted with other objects, or picture-theme designed to complement any direction when you make room.For example, the marine theme in the design of facilities can emphasize the image of a sailboat and beastly - pictures of animals.

Less bedrooms used for painting style.In order to properly choose a decoration, you must have good taste.In addition, such images are only relevant in a certain interior.

bedroom often used erotic pictures, which seems quite logical.But do not forget that in this room can go to other people.For example, your friends will want to look for a new headset or wallpaper.Therefore, when choosing paintings of similar subjects need to understand that they must be stylish and aesthetic.

painting the bedroom should be performed in soft, soothing colors.Thus, at least, said most people.However, some do not agree with this opinion and prefer brighter, more saturated colors.How to determine which group you belong?It's pretty simple.Before you buy your favorite picture, you need to purchase a piece of cloth about the same size and the same color combination.Then, attach it to the wall and keep for about a week.If after seven days will not irritate you these colors, so you can safely buy a picture.