C How to start design for the girl child?

Let's start with the fact that you - a happy mother who decides to make repairs in the room of his daughter.If this is about you, the next step is to start from the age of the child.No teenage girl will not agree to the wall and pink teddy bears.This is the age of rebellion, so be prepared for quite the reverse interior solutions.It could be a black ceiling, and curtains in the form of a web.Let's take as a basis the most iridescent children's age - preschool.In this example, and analyze design for girl child.

The cornerstone

first define the concept of room for the baby.You can dance from your favorite fairy-tale hero, color or cartoon.Be sure to retract into their venture the very daughter.She should know that her word is important.However, in order not to be held hostage to his promise not to paint on the wall of weird cartoon characters, offer the child a choice of two options.Especially in this age, when there are many alternatives to the children decide they can not.Once the basic concept of

the family council agreed, we can get down to business.

Choosing color of the walls

If pink is a not your option, the design for the girl child can be issued in green, beige, turquoise or orange tones.These colors raise the tone and mood.Be sure to note the bright accents.Better to choose a neutral-colored wallpaper, and hang them on the bright appliqu├ęs, interior pictures or stickers (colorful wallpaper is very tired eyes).The bright and non-standard room you definitely grow a creative person.


Try to take into account the various requests of their own child.It's his place of residence.Thus, the design for the girl child is not without comfortable furniture.There should be an easy chair, a bed and playing space.Select the working place - a table and a small chair.The furniture should be in the overall color scheme.If you do not want to change the existing furniture, it is possible to make new covers on the sofa or chair.No problems and to repaint the cabinet or cabinet.Today, with new materials is done in minutes.


This item is almost the most important.From good lighting depends on the health of your child's health.Design for girl child should provide different lighting.This large chandelier with a bright light, and a small lamp that lights up at night.Separately should be allocated a work area that shadows do not fall on the book or paper.All this will help to keep your child's vision, so to save on this is not necessary.


Floor is able to transform the interior design for the girl child.Of course, the linoleum is easier to wash, and it is more durable.But you yourself will quietly observe how your pipsqueak plays on the cold floor, and on the warm carpet.However, do not choose bright colors of the carpets with a large pile of you are just never wash off.It is very interesting look unusual form carpets, they perfectly fit into the design for the girl child (photo you see above).This blue blob will delight and your daughter, and all of its guests.