The decor of the walls in the living room: interesting ideas for your home

What if the repair has been completed in the room, and even the furniture is arranged, but the rooms still look uninhabited and cold?All you need to make your home warm and cozy - is well chosen accessories and decor.In this article we will talk about what can be wall decor in the living room.The photo below shows how and what items you can decorate an empty wall.

In Soviet times, a fixture of the living room was a carpet on the wall.Currently, registration is considered impractical and unfashionable.However, this is not always the case.Sometimes the wall decor in the living room looks quite organically.But the design of their different tissues - it's quite fashionable solution.Pieces of fabric with an interesting texture and color of the frame and create a framework of these different compositions.

Pictures - this is probably something that never goes out of fashion.The decor of the walls in the living room with the picture looks quite modern, but it is a difficult task that requires the presenc

e of a good taste in designer.Choosing options for this area is quite large.You can hang on the wall paintings in the style of romanticism and impressionism, if the overall look of your home corresponds to the classical style.Minimalism or hi-tech will meet the different abstraction or working in the style of surrealism and futurism.Good will look portraits, especially eating they have a direct relationship to the owner of the house, for example, it could be a portrait of his beloved grandmother.Avoid work in the nude - a wall decor in the living room is not acceptable, such things are best left to design a bedroom.Pictures should not be much - two or three mid-size or one king no more than 10-12 miniatures.A higher number is acceptable if you create the interior design in the style of an art gallery.

One of the most popular decorations - this wall decor wallpaper in the living room or the bedroom.It has evolved from a combination of art wallpaper, when the interior of a combined two or three coatings of walls with different color and texture.But do not confuse the wallpaper and decoration patchwork technique of gluing.In the first case it is necessary only to make the right emphasis - two or three inserts in the right places that emphasize overall style of the room.

Another popular subject for wall decor - a mirror.Mirror wall, pillar, or simply mirror inserts are designed to expand the space, add light and depth to it.However, if you're a fan of classical style, then you should purchase a large oval mirror in a beautiful patterned frame.

wall decor in the living room there are pictures as much as the art itself and photography.However, despite its apparent simplicity, with such a design can make a lot of mistakes, because of which the picture will look ridiculous and alien.In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to follow a few rules.Firstly, from the photos it must be something in common, for example, you can make black and white or to enter into the framework of the same color.Secondly, you need to correctly place the photo: the large image above, small - below.Third, it must be remembered that the optimal placement of pictures - at eye level.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell in one article about all the ways wall decor.For them, there are dozens, if not hundreds of species.For example, using color inlay, porcelain plates, and applique, embroidery, LED lamps, glass and stone mosaics and much more.

main rule when decorating - carefully weigh each decision, then you will create the interior of your dreams.