Loft style in the interior premises.

literally "loft" is translated as "loft".This style originated in the United States: it was there that the idea of ​​using the upper floors of shops and factories for housing workers.Often there is settled and creative people - artists and sculptors.The well-lit spacious rooms attracted them the possibility to arrange their own exhibitions here.Use of ancillary facilities for housing has led to the emergence of a new style, featuring special organization of space.So there was a loft in the interior.Today, it is widely used in the design of a variety of rooms, from standard apartments to penthouses.

Loft interior.Zoning space

Usually loft style apartment is one large room.Separately can be allocated only bathroom and kitchen.There is no division into the room, there are only certain areas.They can fence themselves off from each other by screens, furniture and movable partitions.Typically, the main space is zoned exclusively with textured material or color.Welcome multilevel rooms where on the upper

floors can accommodate private rooms.

Characteristic features

loft-style apartments in the interior suggests the presence of high ceilings, large windows, open pipes and columns - all of which underlines the past manufactory of design direction.In the design of the room preference concrete and metal textures and surfaces.Usually, there are used cool colors: white, gray-blue or beige.Loft interior includes an abundance of natural light, so curtains and tyulyam do not belong here.


Soft corner rationally positioned not just along the wall and in the center.Create a loft-style interior, a simple laconic furniture.However, performing the function of zoning, it should not be unduly clutter the space.The interior design is ideally complemented by antique and vintage items.However, they should not be released from the general concept.It is important that the objects harmoniously combined with each other.The interior fits perfectly urban staircase leading to the sleeping area.


as flooring is commonly used to scrape parquet or stylized it.Decorating the walls - the minimum.Welcomed brickwork and plaster usual.Ceilings are imitation or truss beam structure.Often used in the decoration of concrete and wooden elements.

kitchen area

In the interior it stands up very little space.As a rule, it is located in one corner of the spacious living room and is separated from the common space of a small bar.Kitchen set is quite simple, with a small number of cases.All sorts of utensils and equipment used in a minimal amount.That is why in the interior of a small loft apartment is very popular today.


Decorative elements should be quite original: advertising signs, graffiti, street signs, street signs, Chinese vases, ethnic elements - all these can be used in the interior of the loft.