Stylish Design: Wallpaper combined for bedrooms

Modern designers believe that to make repairs in the bedroom is necessary every five years.The focus of this is on the walls.It would seem that could be easier: go to the store, I chose the wallpaper, there's your new bedroom.But you always want something not just new and unusual.And then you come to the aid of the method of combining wallpaper.But first, you must figure out which ones are suitable for your environment.

most affordable - paper wallpaper.They are also environmentally friendly, able to "breathe".But for all its virtues, they unfortunately are not very long.

Wallpapers for bedrooms combined vinyl glued to any wall surface: concrete, plaster, painted.They are of two types: self-leveling, which imitates natural texture and foam (for painting).Their main disadvantage is that they are poorly air-permeable.

combined Wallpapers for bedrooms of the nonwoven open space for your creativity - they can be painted.They are made of acrylic, polyester and viscose.Environmentalists fully approve of

this choice.This wallpaper is well pass the air, and in their manufacture do not use chemicals.We can say that this is the perfect wallpaper for the bedroom.

the elite are textile designs.But there is a caveat: you are unlikely to stick them on their own, this will require the expertise of a specialist.

So you chose non-woven cloths.Now you need to understand how to choose the wallpaper for the walls combined.It is necessary to take into account their combination with furniture and curtains.Then decide on the color.Experts advise to use warm colors: pale green, yellow, peach, pale orange.If your bedroom is bright and sunny, you can use a pale blue color.Such combinations look very modern.Use two different shades of the same color.There are corners of wallpaper different hue.It is interesting to combine the green with a red, blue and pink, brown and beige color.It must be remembered that the two saturated colors together can not coexist.As you can see, the design combined wallpaper, photos of which you can see in this article - it is not very simple.

But do not retreat, if you're determined to use wallpaper combined.For the bedroom, you can use many ways to their labels:

  • to allocate part of the wall at the head of the bed photo wallpapers;
  • bright wallpaper paste opposite the bed to wake up, enjoy the colors of life.

Wallpapers combination for bedrooms can visually expand too elongated, narrow room.It's enough to the wall near the window to paste over dark wallpaper, and at the door - lighter shades of the same color.

To separate room horizontally, too, you can use wallpaper combined.For a bedroom is an interesting solution: you get two levels.At the top, you can pokleit wallpaper with a pattern, and at the bottom - plain.So you aktsentiruete top ornament.The border between the levels is divided by a border.

all fans of the original and unusual advised to try using the following combined bedroom wallpaper: stick them in layers.In this case, from the other one peep.This is a rather bold decision, but if you are not afraid to experiment - go for it!