Bleached oak.

When choosing doors and furniture, floor finishes, we continue to give preference to a more usual for us, traditional subjects of natural wood or high quality imitation of it.It is therefore very pleased that the departments of building supermarkets a wide range of materials, preserving the texture and the "home" of wood, but taking into account the requirements of the fashion and creative design ideas.

One of the new products, quickly became popular, is finishing "bleached oak."The color of this complex and controversial, there are a few close and at the same time very different warm and cold shades of wood combined that name.By this color include wood as a dark gray color with a strong effect of wear, and light gray, silver and light beige and pinkish-gray.All variety of colors represented in the samples of laminate and wood flooring "bleached oak."This color is universal and suitable for any interior style.However, preferably the classic and vintage, as light effect of aged and worn and pronounced

wood grain will look particularly striking here.

Despite the versatility of this color is unusual, and therefore requires particularly careful selection of a color gamut of the remaining elements of the interior.Here, first of all it is recommended to follow the traditional rule: if the cold shade of the floor, the other elements of the interior must be in cold tones, if warm - something warm.Fortunately underline color "bleached oak" in the interior of the contrast will built on the combination of his deep rich blue, chocolate, terracotta, emerald green tones.

The interior, designed in close colors when all the elements of decoration and furnishings are combined with soft shimmering light colors will look no less advantageous.Fans customized solutions can be recommended for use bleached oak trim not only sex, but the walls and ceiling.

very well in today's market is represented by cabinet furniture with facades "bleached oak."Its color is as versatile and goes well with both the dark and with light, pastel tones of the walls.Because this material is most often made kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture in vintage or classic style."Bleached oak" - color (photo), light tone is completely consistent with the concept of sustainability, cleanliness and hygiene and at the same time creates a refined interior.

Superb unusual texture and color of the material does not tolerate diverse.Therefore, the floor of the bleached oak doors complement the best of the same tone and texture, while the interior will look harmonious, complete.Choosing the first door, it should be noted that their shade will determine the material for the floor "bleached oak" color which they must fully comply.There is another option when the coloring of the interior is based on the contrast.Then the bright whitewashed wood doors can be combined with a dark, almost black color of the floor.