Bedroom decor.

choosing various options for decorating bedrooms, one should bear in mind that this room fulfills only one function.It serves as a place to rest and sleep spouses.Based on this and try to pick up the bedroom decor so that it fully meets its purpose, was comfortable, cozy and, of course, to satisfy the tastes and needs of both its inhabitants.Speaking of the latter should not be forgotten, because it is very important that both the colors and the entire interior as a whole enjoyed by both men and women.

Well, the purpose of this room - a good rest and good sleep, promoting physical and mental health.This means that the decor of the bedroom should be quiet, unobtrusive to its inhabitants breathe easy and fast asleep.Therefore, overloading its pieces of furniture should not - leave the bare necessities: a bed with comfortable mattress, bedside tables (the role of which can perform low stools or small ottomans), dressing table, chest of drawers, wardrobe.The spacious indoor environment bedroom supplement

a small comfortable sofa or armchair.If the area is too small, it is worth thinking about the fact that instead of the cabinet equipped with a small dressing room, separated for her part of the corridor or pantry, or to provide additional storage capacity - hollow puffs, the area under the bed, where you can set the drawers.A good solution for lack of space is a podium, which is placed a mattress for sleeping, and the entire area underneath is used for storage.

Decor small bedroom restrict the correct color of the walls and textiles, which is in the room, by the way, quite a lot - it's thick curtains on the windows, bedspread and pillows on a bed, bedside rugs.It manifests itself in the textile design of a maximum of imagination and originality, as most of the decorative burden lies on it.Bedspread, daytime pillowcases on the pillows, curtains, carpet - everything must be in harmony with each other, but it is not necessary that all these things were the same or similar colors.Colours premises built on the contrast, bring it and a creative dynamo.

Thinking bedroom decor, great attention should be paid to the color of the walls.Do not be afraid of the dark shades in the bedroom they will be quite appropriate, more importantly, take care of the additional sources of lighting, concealed lighting, which, combined with a rich tone of the walls give the room extra decorative.It is mounted in the head of the bed, on the perimeter of the ceiling above the closet and so on. D. Monochrome interior and bedroom decor (performed only in two colors) with carefully selected textiles, pieces of furniture and decoration looks very modern and satisfies the tastes of both men andwomen.

Bed - the most important and necessary piece of furniture in the bedroom.Therefore, over its decor can work, making of it an original and attractive design object.In addition to the blankets and pillows used for these purposes headboard.For example, decorate the back of a low panel with a soft textile Karetnaya tie.If the bed has a high headboard carved or forged, the complement of its original murals or finished mural.Of course, unique, cozy and very recognizable bedroom decor - classic canopy over the sleeper or a light modern imitation.This element of the interior, and decorate the room are small, if you make it out of thin cloth and place on the wall at the head of the light curtains.To

bedroom after decorating has become a comfortable and cozy, with its design should take into account the area of ​​space, light, and most importantly, the basic functionality.