Design of living-dining room.

dining-living room - it's a comfortable place in the house where after a hard day at the same table together all members of the family.Here share experiences and discuss the latest news, plan anything.Therefore, design of living-dining room should be well thought out and properly decorated.Here are some tips that will help you significantly transform the interior.

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Useful tips

planning design room, consider the optimal size of the kitchen area.It should not be very large.It is important when planning the working space to observe the rule of the triangle: stove - refrigerator - washing.The functional areas should be combined with each other in style and at the same time different from each other different design or partitions.Then we talk about the means by which this can be achieved.

zone separation

design living-dining room to be executed in different but close to each other colors.In general, all materials, decoration, texture and paint must clearly separate t

hese two zones.In the kitchen, the floor covering is best to use linoleum, tile, and in the living room - laminate or parquet.It marks the boundaries of space can also use the ceiling of different heights with integrated lighting.For these purposes, as perfect bar, high back sofa or mobile partitions.As for the walls, the kitchen area for the most appropriate to use washable wallpaper, and in the living room - for painting.Mini-dining room can be isolated walls, along which it is located.It is recommended to use the principle of contrast, processing zone in a very bright color or with eye-catching materials.This may be the original tiles, decorative brick or stone accent wallpaper, mosaic, cork and even drawing a gastronomic theme.But in the living area, these materials would be inappropriate.This ideal wallpaper with floral ornaments, wood paneling, decorative plaster.

Lighting design living-dining room should be laid out in such a way that over the dining table there is a place for a group of fixtures.It also fit a small lampshade or "arched" floor lamp.If a table in the common room conditionally divides kitchen and living room, then it should be placed on a group of fixtures, creating a so-called "light curtain" delimiting areas.


To finish it is recommended to use drywall, foam slabs or washable wallpaper.Now very popular ceilings, which are fairly easy to clean.


interior design living-dining area successfully decorate still lifes depicting vegetables, cakes, coffee cups, fruit and so on. D. It fits perfectly into the picture, recreating the atmosphere of a street cafe, or any abstraction.Design of living-dining room ideally complement the vintage wall clocks, decorative plates, small wall shelves.Built-in cupboards and shelves in the dining area can be decorated with original sets, souvenirs, tableware.Tables and chairs can also be isolated using bright colors.