Wallpapers companion in the interior of the dwelling

difficult to say how many centuries the wallpaper used for walls in the rooms.Despite such a respectable age, this material remains one of the most popular and loved, above all, for a variety of colors, textures and easy to work.In addition, designers appreciate the wallpaper for versatility, the ability to use them to highlight the advantages of space and disguise disadvantages.

leading manufacturers produced special wallpaper companion.In the interior, they create a variety of color and graphic effects, depending on the style and purpose of the room.In large stores data samples can be seen on special stands, demonstrating the possibility of their layout, in addition, there are corporate directories, which shows the various kinds of wallpaper and examples of their combination.

Wallpapers companion in the interior are used in several different ways, and each of them has no boundaries for the manifestation of creative imagination.This primarily two kinds of wallpaper pasting in the horizontal direct

ion, by means of which tend to mimic the wall panels.In the classical interiors nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms assemble wallpaper plain and patterned, discourage them from each other by a narrow plaster or polyurethane moldings, painted in a contrasting or close to the main color tone.Very often used as a horizontal trim color wallpaper border - one of the elements of the same collection.Widespread acceptance as wallpaper companion in the interior of the living room or bedroom vykleivayut a large wall mural, color inserts, combining materials of different colors and textures.To fix this on the wall around the perimeter of the future insertion of framing its elements of baguette or molding, in a kind of wallpaper paste, and the remaining sections of the wall - another.This method allows the use of very expensive exclusive wallpapers, because they need to insert a little, it will be enough of one roll.

very impressive version of the decor - a companion wallpaper in the interior, where it is necessary zoning.Visually divide the room space into zones easily, you can use wallpaper in various shades.In addition, highlighting one of the walls visually increases room or expanding a small narrow.Contrast wallpaper often emphasize niche where there are open shelves, TV panel, a collection of photos, drawings and paintings.

Wallpapers companion interior vykleivayut as vertical stripes.In this case, a diverse mix of: stripes with patterned monochrome assemble, combine several different wallpaper in vertical stripes, expertly picking them by color.Punctuated by two or three species suitable to each other wallpaper with a large floral pattern, complementing their self-colored inserts.It turns a deep, filled with color and oriental flavor original decor living room or bedroom interior.Wallpapers companion with the correct selection is classic and at the same time very modern kind of decoration that can easily and quickly transform the space: visually raise the ceiling (vertical bars), visually enlarge the area, divide the room into zones and create a cozy vintage area.