The design of the hall in a small apartment: create a comfortable space

What is normally a hall in a small apartment on the area?Well, as a rule, it is very close snout on which the shoes immediately stands cupboard under the clothes underfoot confused tables on stenochke huddles small mirror.Not impressive design?The hallway in a small apartment really do not have the owner's attention.It is believed, though it is so small that it expect to bring some order (not up to beauty) is not worth thinking.

However, such thoughts are far from the truth.Moreover, harmful.When smart approach, even the most run-down area can be turned into a neat, clean and attractive lobby.

design hall in a small apartment begins with a choice of colors.The axiom that you should not try to challenge the states that best contribute to the expansion of space bright colors.Therefore let us leave the other experiments and choose the quiet shades of yellow, grass, blue and beige.Are you afraid to get dirty are impractical, Mark wallpaper?Then just obkleyte bamboo mat bottom of the wall.

Then just throw out old furniture and make a new functional items: shelves for shoes and household stuff, roomy (required built-in) closet.Thoroughly consider how you put all the right things, get rid of unnecessary stuff.The design of the hall in a small apartment does not need overwrought, the more space you have free, the better.

And do not stint on a large mirror.Not bad to make one of the doors wardrobe fully mirrored.And so you will be more convenient to gather "in the world", and the walls are literally unfold visually, eliminating the feeling of close canister.

And, of course, nothing so depressing as the lack of light.Planning lighting - is the main and very important stage of designing a brand new interior, especially when you have a small entrance hall.Design (photo samples easy to find) involves a combination of multiple light sources.Preference was given to spotlights.Well proven LED strip.

Sometimes it is useful to give up the familiar look to innovative approaches.For example, why make a tiny hallway tables?It is much easier to sort fines according to its economic purpose, placed in special boxes, and those, in turn, put on open shelves.This airy design hall in a small apartment in time to accustom you to get rid of worthless junk.

If you often stare at the light away, the obzavedites folding hanger.If space allows, install a fixed version of it.On it, you can hang a "running" clothing, but that now is not the season, just pack and hide in the closet.

And one more detail about which we should not forget, creating a design hall in a small apartment.Materials used you have to be hygienic.From the street, in any case it gets dirty, it (whether you like it or not) will accumulate.Therefore, you should not be afraid of wet cleaning.