Cucumber seedlings - the basic rules of cultivation

Cucumber - is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the family Cucurbitaceae.In cucumber most demanding to heat - it is a characteristic feature.It is only good productivity while maintaining high levels of humidity and soil in combination with an optimum temperature of about 25 degrees.It photophilous plant responds well to gain illumination.Cucumber also picky about soil structure and fertility.This is the basic principles on which are grown cucumber seedlings.

Seeds are sown in pots of at least 8 cm with a hole in the bottom.The soil in the pot should be selected so as to be compatible with the structure of the soil in the garden.If the soil in the pot will be very loose, then landing in the soil it will dry out.The plant will begin to look for water elsewhere, may lose some of its roots and it will lead to a halt in the development and later fruiting.If the loose humus soil the beds to put a pot with a tight ground, then it will be too wet.In this case, the beds planted with seedlings of cucumbe

rs will need regular watering frequently.

Before sow cucumber seedlings, the soil must be warmed to room temperature and mix thoroughly with ryhlyaschimi material (sand, peat) in a ratio of one part sand and peat land into two parts.When buying a ready soil for seedlings need to pour it out of the bag and during the day to take a breath, Stir several times.Before sowing, it is desirable to fill the soil with chemical fertilizers in a ratio of 50 g of a universal fertilizer per 10 liters of soil.Fueled thus the ground once again to mix and fill the pots, then pour the water and do not condense.

Watering is better in 2-3 hours, so that the soil is well moistened.Then you need to give a little water to drain to the top layer was not too wet, and the ground is full of necessary oxygen for germination.Seeding depth is sufficient to seed two lengths, ie,1.0-1.5 cm. The temperature for germination 24-25 degrees.After planting should cover film and pots for 3-4 days after the appearance of 50% of the "loop" it is removed.After all the cotyledons unfold, it is necessary to lower the temperature for three days to 19 degrees to podsemyadolnoe knee is not lengthened.In the first 10 days of watering should be moderate, it is necessary to increase when the second sheet will appear.In sunny weather, and in the phase of 3-4 leaves need to be watered almost every day.

There are a few rules of how to grow seedlings of cucumber.When excessively humid air and the soil it grows with larger leaves, but pampered with a weak root system.Such a cucumber seedlings worse tolerate a transplant survives in bad ground.Seedlings desirable to feed at least two times.When standing next to the plant will begin to relate to each other leaves, pots should arrange.If this is not done, the lower leaves are lighter, and the cotyledons may rot and fall in.The whole period of cultivation requires a certain mode temperature: 21-23 degrees in the daytime, 18-20 degrees at night, 20-22 degrees temperature roots.

cucumber seedlings sensitive to the temperature of the soil in the pot.If it is below 16 degrees, impede the development of the root system at the same time weakened the growth of the whole plant.When the temperature stress conditions, such as 35 degrees during the day and 14 degrees at night or very low light is formed Netherbloom.You can not put pots on window sills and cold to open windows.Drafts harmful to cucumbers.By transplanting will be ready in 20-25 days.It should have 4-6 leaves well developed roots and a height of about 30 centimeters.Before planting it is necessary to remove the side shoots and flowers.You can start landing, when the soil warms up to 16-17 degrees.