Growing tomato seedlings.

In our climate, toss frozen "even" in May and "already" in September, to grow good tomatoes only through seedlings.Through this process, "childhood" tomatoes held in acceptable conditions and the soil they get strong and prepared.

Growing tomato seedlings.Planting seeds.

First, you must determine the time of planting seeds.Count conduct from the time transplanting into the ground.The optimum age produced in the life of the bushes 50-60 days from germination.That is, if the frost in your area certainly will not be the end of May, the seeds are planted in late March.

Soak seeds.To do this, we put them on a wet towel (you can use gauze or cloth), the top cover with a wet cloth also.Seeds should not swim in the water, but should be well moistened.The capacity to soak the seeds placed in a warm place (20-25 degrees) and wait for the seeds hatch.

Prepare the landing site.This may be a tray with the ground, or some plastic cups.The volume of the tray depends on the number of seeds.On one seed should acc

ount for 1-2 square of soil.The depth of the layer - 7-10 cm.

earth for planting the easiest way to buy a specialty store.Before you pour the mixture into the pan, it makes sense to aerate it.It is sufficient to hold the pack with the ground in the open for several hours.

Earth poured into trays or cups, lightly compacted and evenly moistened.

As soon as the seeds hatch (the process lasts for 2-4 days), transplant them into the ground.Do it better with the help of sticks dipped, taking care not to touch the seeds by hand.

Top seeds sprinkle a layer of dry soil (1-1.5 cm) and wait for germination.

Growing tomato seedlings.Hardening.

Approximately two days after the seeding of the land should appear the first shoots of tomatoes.From that moment, the seedlings need a good light, so swap the trays on a windowsill.If the light is not enough, the plant will be drawn, spending all their forces for the development of small stems.The root will remain undeveloped, that further bad effect on the yield of the bush.

After the seedlings will be strengthened, flatten and grow at the base of their cotyledons appear rudiments of true leaves of tomatoes.In this state, the cultivation of tomato seedlings should be slightly "slow down" by moving the trays in a cool place (16-20 degrees).This will cause the plants to focus on the development of the root system.

Lighting should remain the same.Watering - moderate.Perepoliv can cause disease of tomato seedlings.

Growing tomato seedlings.Swordplay.

A pick tomato seedlings produced at the age of 2-3 weeks.Undergoing this procedure can be plants with 2-3 normal leaf.A pick done in order to ensure normal conditions for seedling growth.In other words, the plants are seated to the root system of each of them have enough space.At the same time discarded weak, diseased or damaged shoots.

seedlings carefully move to a new place, taking care not to damage the roots and stem.It is best to transplant seedlings, keeping the clod of earth around the root system.Repotting should be done with gloves, since the temperature of the human hand is too high for the tender young plants.

Seedlings are transplanted into small pots (plastic cups).As the seedlings once again transplanted into pots bigger.It is important to ensure that the roots do not grow tomatoes provided them volume.

Once the pick is made of tomato seedlings, it is necessary to continue hardening tomato, arranging plants "cool walk."

to temperature hardening add solar, gradually accustoming the seedlings to direct UV rays.To do this, you must periodically make pots of seedlings on the street.We start with 30-40 minute sunbathing, then gradually increasing their duration.

start, and thermal and solar tempering possible after the appears confident that swordplay safely lived through the plant.Usually it takes 2-4 days.

ideal for planting in the ground is considered to tomato seedlings coming up at the time of the formation of flower buds.It should not be flabby or stretched.

And finally a few words about watering tomato seedlings.Land should not be waterlogged.The most suitable option - generous infrequent watering.