Seedlings of cabbage - how to properly grow

Each summer resident is doing everything in order to gather a rich harvest of cabbage.And how without it?Perhaps we should not talk about how delicious soup, salad and halophyte, the preparation of which is simply impossible without the use of cabbage.But for all this to cook the cabbage to grow.And this process begins with the landing of seating.To learn how to grow seedlings of cabbage, we'll talk.

The first thing to do is to prepare for planting seeds.It is better to review each grain and to select only the best.Further, all seeds should be checked for germination.To do this they need to be wrapped in a damp cloth and leave for 4-5 days.To protect plants from diseases future, seeds should be first soaked in hot water (500) for 15 minutes.Thereafter, the seeds were placed for 1 minute in cold water, and then in the nutrient solution for 13-15 hours.In order to increase the stability of seeds to cold, they need to be put in the refrigerator and stored at -10 ° C.

Planting cabbage seedlings should

be carried out for 55-60 days before planting in open ground.These days include 8-12 days to seedling emergence and 45-50 days for further growth.Thus, you can easily calculate the time of landing.

cabbage seedlings can be grown directly in the greenhouse and in housing conditions.In both cases, the soil should be prepared from the turf soil, sand and a small amount of wood ash (per 2 tablespoons of ash in a bucket of the mixture).Ready soil crumbles on the boxes, the size of which is approximately 70H70H7 see. On the surface of the soil makes small grooves spaced 8-10 cm. The grooves doing small holes, the distance between them should be 1-2 cm. At each hole lies 1-2 seed and cabbage filled with soil.

When the seedlings of cabbage rises, the air temperature must be 6-70S.This mode is required to seedlings not stretched.Also, a higher temperature may lead to the fact that the plants die.After about a week, the temperature should be increased to 150 ° C during the day and up to 120 ° C at night.At this time watered sparingly seedling, using for this purpose water at room temperature.

After 10-12 days, the seedlings of cabbage going through a pick.This is usually done when the plants in the first leaves appear.Dive seedlings in cups, pots, boxes, or even directly in the greenhouse.Dive a must, otherwise the plants will not interfere with each other and not be able to get stronger.In order to make the pick seedlings, cups or other container should fill the same soil, which was used for planting seeds.Seedlings pre-watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.In soil, wooden stick pits, which are planted in one unit of seedlings.Care should be taken that during the landing is not breaks the root system.Earth around each seedling should be carefully pressed.Swoop cabbage seedlings watered as the drying of the land, not forgetting that the water temperature should be 18-200S.Excess moisture can lead to disease cabbage "Blackleg" and, as a consequence, death.After 10-12 days after the dive, the seedlings of cabbage begins to grow more slowly, but then again, the growth rate increases.

On the whole interval of cultivation, the seedlings need to feed.The very first additional forage is produced when the seedlings appear first sheets.It is best at this time to hold fertilizer urea (10 liters of water 30 g of urea).The second additional forage is held for about 15 days before planting in open ground.For these purposes, you can use a solution of bird droppings (one part manure pour 2-3 parts water) or a solution of urea and potash (or potassium sulfate), while adhering to the following proportions - 10-25 g of material per 10 liters of water.If after picking plants look weak, they also need to fertilize with a solution of urea.