Seedlings pepper - growing regulations

pepper seeds germinate at a temperature of 13-15 degrees, while the seedlings appear before the higher the temperature of the soil.The optimum temperature is considered to be 20-25 degrees, it shoots appear after 12-15 days.Before planting pepper seedlings, it is necessary to know that he has a long growing season, so the seeds should be sown seedlings earlier than tomatoes.The optimal time for planting seedlings in mid-February for greenhouses and the end of March to the open ground.

soil prepared for planting should absorb moisture well, there must be a sufficient amount of minerals.The soil should not be acidic, it should not be pathogens and pests.The soil should be mixed in a ratio: 2 parts humus, 1 part peat, sawdust treated with 0.5 parts of boiling water.If the pepper seedlings will then be planted in clay soil, add 1 part sand.It is recommended to water the soil before planting water, which should be mixed in proportion: a bucket of water 1 tbsp.spoonful of superphosphate at 1h.spoonful of po

tassium sulfate and urea, half a glass of wood ash.

seeds should be planted in moist soil is not very, too wet soil will lack oxygen.After seeding the surface of wood ashes sprinkled or sifted pochvosmesi.Pepper seedlings grown for 40-50 days.Prior to seed germination the soil temperature should be maintained in the range 24-25 degrees, humidity should be 80-90%.After germination, you should reduce the temperature to 12-14 degrees at night and 16-18 degrees during the day.This is necessary for better root development, and the plant will not be drawn too.It should be noted that pepper seedlings are not afraid of the lack of light and can not be withdrawn as tomato seedlings.After 3-5 days, the temperature once again need to increase: in cloudy weather to 18-20 degrees, the sun to 22-28 degrees at night is sufficient temperature of 15-18 degrees.

When seedlings pepper seedlings appear first true leaf begin to swordplay.We must dive with a lump of land at the same depth at which she grew up, trying not to disturb the integrity of the root system.It dive in pots of peat or other material soluble in soil.You can make your own pots: plastic film roll in the form of a sleeve with a diameter of 60 to 80 mm and thread sewn by hand or on a sewing machine.Then, cut the sleeve of individual segments of the same size as the diameter of the cups and get ready.When planting in the ground and then simply cut the plastic wrap on the side edge.

Seedlings of pepper in need of fertilization as it develops.The very first feeding should take place after the pick no earlier than two weeks.The solution is to feed - 10 liters of water 30 g of superphosphate and 5 g of urea.Consumption of the solution should be the same as in conventional irrigation.For 3-4 days before planting in open ground, a second feeding: 10 liters of water 50 g of superphosphate and 25 g of potassium salt (potassium sulfate can be replaced).Feed better in the morning, then ventilate the planting to protect against disease.Immediately after picking and in the future should be pritenyat seedlings from direct sunlight.Prepare for action of sunlight should gradually: to substitute under the sunlight for a short time, after time, is constantly increasing.It is advisable to regularly

"show" seedlings sun and wind outdoors, so she quickly matured.On cloudy days and at night, if possible, should highlight seedlings fluorescent light, it will accelerate its development and will enable the plants to get used to a longer day light.Watering should be done frequently and abundantly, but not pereuvlazhnyat to the roots do not rot.For landing in open ground pepper seedlings ready when it has a height of 20-25 cm and 10-12 true leaves.Usually this happens when it is the age of 40-50 days.