Proper planting tomato seedlings - the key to a good harvest

Tomatoes are an important staple food on the table person.It's not just a storehouse of vitamins, but a great way to create uniquely delicious dishes.And tomato gardeners love to grow, because if cared for properly, it is possible to gather a good harvest.But before the tomatoes get to the table, they need to grow.The process begins with the growth of tomatoes transplanting.This is done for several months before planting the plants in the ground, and the specific time varies end of February, beginning of March.

Planting tomato seedlings starts with the preparation of the seed.We have to check every seed germination and remove the smallest.To plant in the growth process are not subjected to various diseases, the seeds should be disinfected in a solution of potassium manganese previously putting them in a tissue bag.Soaking the seeds in the solution should be 15 minutes.To plant sprouted faster and better developed, the seeds would be best treated with a solution of mineral fertilizers.

next step is to prepare the ground.To do this, horticultural land, which has not grown tomatoes and potatoes, mixed with humus.To land longer retain moisture and oxygen, it should be added to sawdust at the rate of 1 liter jar of 1 bucket of soil.Ready primer layer is poured in boxes of 10 cm. It is desirable before planting boxes are disinfected with a solution of bleach.Planting tomato seedlings as follows: in the ground caves depth of 1.5 cm at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other.In each hole lies one seed and covered with soil.Seedlings seedlings uneven, but at 7-8 the day should come up all the seeds.After planting, the boxes must be put in a warm place to air temperature was 20-36 degrees.Once the seedlings will rise, it is necessary to move to a brighter place (sill).If you can not create a natural light, it is necessary to place the lamp near the boxes with artificial lighting.Now, when the seedlings began to grow gradually, the optimum temperature will 14-16S day and night 12-14S.Such temperature conditions do not allow seedling stretch, and the stem will gradually thicken.

25-30 days after germination, the seedlings need to make the pick.Plants already grown, and now began to interfere with each other to grow.This is why planting tomato seedlings is simply impossible without the pick.For these purposes, use glasses.For varieties of medium size fit cups sizes 10X10sm for undersized, not hurrying to drag up - 8x8 cm, tall - 12x12 cm.

Before you start to transplant, the plants must be abundantly watered with warm water, it will help keep the roots atsample.You can not just pull out the plant, it may disturb the root system, they must be carefully podkovyrivat stick.The following sort seedlings by weak, battered and sick plants.

Planting tomato seedlings in cups manufactured in the same soil that was used in the boxes.Fill the glass need not to the top, leaving a few centimeters from the edge.Tamped and well-watered soil in the middle of the cup is deepening, in which sits a seedling.When transplanting it must be ensured so that the spine was not broken or bent.This planting tomato seedlings over.Now we have to create all the necessary conditions for the growth of seedlings.During this period, the plants became strong enough already, so they can be gradually accustomed to outdoor weather.To do this, they first take out onto the balcony, and in warm weather and on the street.

Care tomato seedlings in cups, it is perhaps the most crucial and important point.Throughout growth, plants require optimal conditions for further development.This watering, fertilizing, maintenance of temperature.Watering must be 2 times a week for one glass per plant.