Indoor Shade Plants for interiors with low light

all of us in varying degrees, aware of the problem when you want to create a home of comfort to grow houseplants, and provide them with a comfortable environment can not due to lack of lighting in the apartment.Most residents feel it is the lower levels and those with windows facing north.If another summer sunlight will sometimes penetrate into the apartment in the winter it is still light-loving plants will be hurt, dropping of the leaves, or may die.

problem landscaping your home in such a case can be solved in two ways.In the first case you need to install special lamps that provide light, as close to the Sun in its properties.However, this method can not "cheat" all plants, many southern plants such capricious, will still suffer from a lack of lighting.Of those plants, which enjoy a light, you can select only room violets (Saintpaulia).

solve this problem the easiest way to help shade-loving plants.They grow well and grow just fine in the shade, because they do not like sunlight.These plants gr

ow in the wild in tropical forests, where close to the ground is the same twilight lighting, as well as in a large number of city apartments.But this method may not be suitable if you love when your windowsill bloom bright and beautiful flowers and you do not like green plants tree.Shade house plants mostly have a tree or decorative foliage.Beautiful blooming among them very little.You can name only a few varieties of begonias and camellias, hibiscus and the same room violet (with some reservations).

When choosing plants for your interior in dark places, be aware that such plants are divided into shade-tolerant and shade-loving plants.In accordance with its name shade-tolerant insufficient lighting suffer quietly, but with better lighting will develop and grow more intense (although they can suffer from too bright sunlight).

Shade houseplants feel comfortable it is in the shade and some of them simply can not tolerate sunlight.These include, for example, all the ivy.Common ivy "Birch" and its variants are helping in the creation of green screens in the room and quietly tolerate even a permanent blackout.Ideal for such purposes as numerous plants from the family Araceae, such as philodendron, Syngonium and Epipremnum.Keep in mind that the land for houseplants in this case must be constantly moist, as in the wild they grow in warm and humid jungle and can not tolerate arid soil.

Among these plants can be identified Monstera - this kind of creeper feels great in the room setting.It can grow tall in favorable conditions, up to 3-5 meters.Its name is Latin for whimsical, wonderful, yet it is often called a "crybaby."An interesting feature is that the tips of the leaves in cloudy weather there droplets.Thus monstera can predict the weather for the day: there were drops - expect rain.

original plant with bright red flowers poinsettia is the second of its original title - poinsettia.Caring for her is a pleasure.The beauty of blossoming buds justifies all the effort.It is quite unpretentious and does not require special care, you just have to remember that time made fertilizing houseplants.To feed this beauty should be every two weeks from early spring until autumn.It grows anywhere, safely protected from drafts.In addition to these plants, you can pay attention to the dratsenu, rubber plants and dieffenbachia.