Create a garden for lazy on the windowsill in his apartment.

We all love the greens.Some people prefer a grass - makeready, someone else, but there are people that do not like any "Zelenka" does not exist in nature, it's in our genes.Well, when is summer and a lot of greenery all if you do not own the garden, the grandmothers on the nearest market, where during the season you can buy everything on the cheap.But what to do when winter comes, because I want to eat the green all year round.Of course, you can buy in stores, and in the same market in greenhouse greens, but the prices are already very different.A good way out might be an idea to create your own garden on the window in his apartment.

Many people like to grow plants and they are happy to be willing to do it, but at the current pace of life and employment, not all have the opportunity and time to travel to suburban areas and do there gardening, even if they have the opportunity to purchase a plot.In this case, for the lazy garden at home can also be the best option.Harvest can be produced year-round, ti

me and effort for a garden takes a little bit lazy, and when the right approach it can be not only a source of vitamins year round, but also an element of decorating the apartment.It all depends on the imagination and taste of the owner.

Grow absolutely any greens and even ripening vegetables.For example, early-maturing varieties of radish medium-sized ("French breakfast", "flame").Time of ripening slightly oblong fruit is a little more than 20 days from the first seedling.In other words, for the lazy garden on the windowsill can provide a monthly yield of this crop.

original plastic containers of various bright colors can successfully replace the outdated wooden boxes, and traditional green leaves of parsley, dill, onions, cilantro and other grass crops can be combined with different varieties of lettuce.Its many varieties have a very beautiful in terms of the decorative leaves and original taste.The most famous kress- salad, the leaves of which are growing rapidly, have the color of pale emerald green to light brown and tastes have a characteristic pungent flavor.Especially good such herbs as a supplement to any meat dishes.Varieties of lettuce "Odessa kucheryavets" also provides an abundance of leaves dark red color with a fringe around the edges, thanks to which it was named.But the variety of cultures that could go into the garden for a lazy kind of ends.BREEDER specially bred varieties of dwarf tomatoes can grow on the windowsill, and their medium-sized bright red, orange or yellow fruits, which are located in clusters resemble grapes than vegetable fruit, there is even a sort of decorative home of tomatoes, which is called "Vine".Do not lag behind in terms of "domestication" and cucumbers.Their small whips successfully replace decorative ivy, so even with the fruit.Harvest is one whip could dostigat1.5-2 kg of excellent small cucumbers (gherkins).However, depending on the needs of the home, it is possible to grow cucumbers and more.

Watering narrow colored plastic "beds" is not particularly difficult and is usually carried out once a sutki.No even if it is difficult, there are special contraptions for automatic irrigation, which make human involvement in the process is minimal.The greens can be combined with potted flowers and then get both a fruit and vegetable garden to his hands.During warmer months, all this splendor, which includes a vegetable garden for the lazy, can be placed on a balcony or loggia, and if they are still glazed, you get the original greenhouse, not only fruit-bearing, but also pleases the eye, but also create a healthy microclimate in a residential area.