Delicate matter: petunia growing seedlings

Petunia - a beautiful flower, which every year takes more and more space in the gardens, country houses and city flower beds.It is a perennial in warm climates is growing very fast.A cold spring Russian forces many amateur gardeners each year deal with an issue like the petunia growing seedlings.

For those who want to learn to get in your garden beds with amazing flowers such as petunia growing seedlings should be started with the selection of seeds.The packaging is usually indicated all the parameters of the flower, so select a copy for your site is easy.It is necessary to pay attention only to the expiration date.

Although petunia seedlings growing and it seems that many business kanitelnym, in fact, even to the ground is not very fastidious.Seeds can be sown in the usual purchase land.If petunia seedlings grown in peat pellets, the gardener gets rid of a headache as a dive.And these seeds grow rapidly without requiring extra care and special heat.

Petunia growing seedlings which we are discussi

ng, as you know, it has very small seeds.Therefore, they are sown directly on the substrate, not sprinkled, but plentifully water spray.If the selected granular seeds, then you need at seeding watch closely to compromise the integrity of the pellets.Otherwise, the seeds can not climb.Then they are covered with glass or film and cleaned on the window sill, where light and warmth.

you ask, and how to grow seedlings petunias, so it is not confused then.To avoid this problem you need a little patience and work hard to land each seed individually with tweezers.If all master it, then just after 3-4 days the first shoots appear.And then the hard work will be rewarded handsomely as swordplay colors will be facilitated.

To petunia seedlings grown resistant to temperature changes, immediately after vskhozhdeniya it should be removed to a cooler place, but the world can not turn down.And you have a very strict view of the fact that it was a gradual decrease in temperature.If the 5-7 true leaves drastically reduce the temperature below 15 degrees, your livestock may die.

After the first pair of leaves, you can begin to dive.It also has its own characteristics.You can not drag a sapling from the ground, because he is very weak roots.It is necessary with the help of sticks with rounded ends, carefully pushing the soil next to the plant, to get him to "drown" the best of the leaves in the ground.This action and the seedling will save and help them to strengthen their root system.And continues to hardening.

So, the issue of how to grow seedlings of petunia, we have reached an important point - feeding.When the flower took root and became stronger, it can begin to feed.Only better fertilizers, without the use of growth promoters.It should be dissolved in water with the addition of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and water from the sprinkler petunia scheme printed on the package of fertilizer.

With the advent of the central shoot topping the time comes.This procedure will make your petunias in the future, lush and bushy.Then the seedlings are transshipped into a larger bowl and wait for the root system fills the entire container.You can do without transshipment - just planted seedlings in the ground.But skip this step care petunias you just give one more reason to delay the development of plants.

prick in a place where moisture is retained for a long time.If the soil dries out quickly, it is recommended to use the hydrogel.

If you meet all the above recommendations, you will enjoy the entire season beautiful creatures of nature.